How to change skin color in Among Us

Customize characters in Among Us Not as complicated as people think, quite interesting. You can change the character’s skin color, wear a character’s hat, add pets … Here’s how you can make the simplest Among Us character skin color change.

Among Us has a unique graphic style that is loved by players around the world, those little astronauts look lovely if we know how to combine skin color changes, hats, pets .. When you start playing, you will be assigned any color and if you change them, how? Find out right here.

how to change doi mau da among us

Change Color Among Us

Instructions to change character skin color in Among Us

– Step 1: First join any game, Local or Online.
– Step 2: When you join and don’t have any problems, you will be in Waiting Hall.
– Step 3: While you’re there, you need to go to laptop.

how to change doi mau da in among us 2

– Step 4: Icon Customize will appear at the bottom right of the screen.
– Step 5: Click it and a menu will pop up, where you’ll see all the customization options you can use or change.
– Step 6: Just click on the tab Color first and choose the color you want.

how to change doi mau da in among us 3

That’s all you need to know about changing colors in Among Us, on both PC and Mobile. Remember to choose your color quickly, because if other players want that color too, they can get it and you can’t use them anymore, the game will show an X on the selected color, also remember to decide before the game will start when there are enough people.

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If you see my character next to the laptop wearing the Jason Mask, you want one too but don’t know how, don’t want to lose money… here’s how to get Jason Mask in Among Us. If you want to hide your character’s name, refer to the link below.

Reference: How to hide character names in Among Us

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=> Link Download Among Us for iPhone

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