List of contract types Contracts Call of Duty Warzone

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In the following article, we will summarize some types of Contracts Call Of Duty Warzone contracts for you, to help you better understand the new feature of the game, a new method of making money that is used by most gamers. use.

Like other strategy games, money is the main source of units that players can use to upgrade, buy, sell, and exchange equipment needed to support combat purposes. And the fastest way for you to make money is to do contract tasks Contracts Call of Duty Warzone, the simplest way,

list of hop dong contracts call of duty warzone

Contracts Call of Duty Warzone

Summary of Contracts Call of Duty Warzone

As mentioned above, in Call of Duty Warzone there are a total of 3 different types of contracts that players can make, complete earning money. They appear randomly in several locations on the map, easily recognized by the printed symbol of that type of contract.
– Scavenger contract: Magnifying glass search icon.
– Bonus contract (Bounty): Icon with target mark.
– Recon contract: Flag icon.

1. Scavenger contract

A Recon contract is a type of contract that provides players with missing items, which after entering the match are marked with 3 locations on the minimap. You only need 1 of the 3 boxes to get the reward right there, but if you complete the search for all 3, you have a chance to get the best items.

list of hop dong contracts call of duty warzone 2

The performance of duties from the contract Recon It’s not simple, it takes ingenuity and meticulousness in moving, avoiding fighting with the enemy until the contract is completed. If there are people on your team who have traveled through the area or know the terrain well, then your ability to complete the task will increase.

2. Bonus contract (Bounty)

If you get the Bounty contract, it means you and your teammates will have to hunt down a player in the enemy squad. On the submap (ninimap) of will suggest the approximate location of the target, but finding the exact location must see the judgment of your team. After killing the target, the target moves to another time and the amount of money received will be larger, and so on until the members of your team are eliminated, the contract is completed. Your team receives experience points and money from the Bounty contract.

list of types of hop dong contracts call of duty warzone 3

3. Recon contract

After entering a Recon contract match, your entire team’s minimap will update with a new marker where your team has to stand for a short amount of time in order for the timer to shorten (much like position occupation). Of course, the occupation will have some message or effect that makes your team exposed, the enemy easily knows the location. For each point occupied by the Team you get experience points, money and items.

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This is said to be a type of contract with a high probability of death because every time you play, the enemy can know where you are, what position on the map. With the tactical shooter Battle Royale, hiding is the most important. However, the reward is very valuable when it allows the whole team to know where the circle position is going.
Hopefully, Taimienphi’s list of Call of Duty Warzone Contracts will help you better understand the mechanics and how to complete them. Of course, easy tasks always have low rewards, difficult tasks, the rewards will definitely be generous. Do not forgot to set the most effective Call of Duty Warzone footsteps to judge the enemy better.

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