Fall Guys will have a separate area for Hackers

Fall Guys se co mot khu rieng danh cho Hackerbb3b5773658ab92c - Emergenceingame

Developers Mediatonic used a secret location called Cheat Island (Cheater Island) to deal with the guys cheat in Fall Guys. Player Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout since the title launched on PlayStation Plus and Steam will definitely notice the problem of cheating in the game. This is not a new problem for developers.

Cheating/hacking happens with most online games, but Mediatonic has a very “Fall Guys” approach to dealing with cheaters. Instead of outright banning the hackerMediatonic put these players in a separate location called Cheat Island.


The developer revealed that, initially, players on Cheat Island will fall “forever”. At that time, the number of cheaters was too small for Cheat Island to operate. However, the above problem will be solved when the number of hackers increases rapidly in recent times.

In the future, Mediatonic will apply Easy Anti-Cheat anti-cheat software to eliminate those who intentionally sabotage other people’s gaming experience.​

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