Gamers are not happy when PUBG turns Erangel into a ‘big Sanhok’

Gamers are not happy when PUBG turns Erangel into a 'big Sanhok'
PUBG Erangel Sanhok - Emergenceingame

In the world of PUBG – what would you do if everyone thought Erangel was the best map? Change it of course!

Erangel is adjusted

PUBG Update 28 brings a series of changes, specifically the loot spawn rate in the Erangel map. The level of loot in PUBG’s first map has been a hot topic in the past few months and has divided the fan community.

Although the game has added new maps such as Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi, Erangel is still considered the flagship map of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

It has become the symbol of PUBG and always holds a loyal fan base thanks to its familiarity as well as the large space for gunfights.

Map PUBG Erangel

That’s why major loot-related changes are met with mixed reviews. Some believe that loot in Erangel is too sparse, while others say it makes the map so special, that loot shouldn’t be found so easily.

The previous test server saw many changes with Erangel, but they met with negative opposition from the PUBG community so the idea in the test server was dropped.

Changes in Update #28 increase loot by 28% – plus previously increased loot percentage from Update #27

New Sanhok

This change made Erangell feel no different from Sanhok. However, Sanhok is a smaller map, so the shutter speed is also faster. Therefore, picking up guns early in the game is a must. As for Erangel, we don’t need this.

Erangel offers a pure battle royale experience where loot isn’t always available. Hot spots always create attraction even though they are very risky, creating the realism of the game. However, this is facing the trend of ‘acting out’ right from the start of the game.

PUBG cập nhật bản PC cải thiện vẻ đẹp của map Sanhok 1 - Emergenceingame
Sanhok is the map with the most loot in PUBG maps

Will Erangel return to the way it was?

There’s a high chance that Erangell can’t go back to the way it was before. However, loot levels can be slightly reduced.

PUBG listened to feedback before update #27, and felt the team needed to make more changes to Erangel. Therefore, PUBG Corp will continue the adjustment process until they feel satisfied.

The recent feedback on the current loot rate is too much. So loot in Erangell may have to decrease.


One Redditor said: “Changing Erangel is not what we need. The reason Erangel is so attractive is because of the hot spots that are full of risks, but the rewards are extremely attractive.”

However, streamers like Shroud and ChocoTaco are happy with the changes. This is completely understandable since streamers love to act as soon as possible.

Another user sympathized with the changes: “No matter what a company does, someone will always like it, and the rest will hate it. They will be criticized if they do, and also criticized if they do nothing.”

Compared with the newest PC update, Erangel = Bigger Sanhok. from PUBGXboxOne

Finally, one console player commented: “I’m starting to really hate this company. Ever since PUBG’s release, most of the criticisms of the game have been related to the quality of the game and we, especially console gamers, have been begging for quality improvements, which ultimately failed. see what.”

It seems the only advantage PUBG players on Xbox One and PS4 have is being able to play the Erangel map in its original condition.

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