CSGO: FalleN joins Team Liquid as AWPer

CSGO FalleN Team Liquid - Emergenceingame

Team Liquid has just announced the signing of Brazilian CSGO player Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo as AWPer.

North American organization Liquid say FalleN is suitable for the position vacated by the sudden departure of Russel “Twistzz” van Dulken. FalleN has been playing CSGO professionally for many years, starting with CS 1.6 in 2005 before switching to Source and finally CSGO when the game came out in 2012. This AWPer and IGL are most famous as the flagship of MIBR, SK Gaming and Luminosity. The 29-year-old was most successful with the 2016 MLG Columbus Major.

FalleN joins Team Liquid ahead of BLAST Premier’s Global Finals

Jake “Stwie2K” Yip played under FalleN in MIBR, after winning the Major in 2018. Stewie2K and MIBR split when Stewie moved to Liquid in exchange for former MIBR member, Epitácio “TACO” de Melo, and former coach Wilton “zews” Prado. FalleN said he was brought back to Liquid to add a tactical element to the existing “explosive” team framework.

Stewie2K mibr - Emergenceingame

Twistzz left Team Liquid in a surprise announcement on December 20. He revealed that he was not on Liquid’s squad after his loss to Astralis at the IEM Global Challenge 2020. Since then, rumors have surfaced that FalleN has been contacted by Liquid. . Liquid since winning the IEM Grand Slam in July 2019, the organization has not won any more international tournaments.

Stewie2K was probably the driving force behind Liquid recruiting FalleN. FalleN left MIBR after the organization pressed for a roster change, which saw many longtime FalleN members removed from the team. FalleN will debut Liquid at BLAST Premier’s Global Final, which kicks off January 19.

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