Top 10 games for you to experience the feeling of hegemony, “unstoppable” (P.2)

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Strength is a very interesting element when it is transformed into the game.

Giving players extraordinary power is extremely easy for developers. However, everything must be in moderation, otherwise the game will become too easy and boring. However, there are still some developers who excel at this difficulty and create extremely attractive games. There are many ways to make players feel “heavy on every grain of rice”, and here are the top 10 games for you to experience that feeling.

When playing Lost Judgment, you will feel it is quite similar to the previous installments in the series, and this is the spin-off series of the blockbuster Yakuza series. However, once you have mastered the counter mechanism (parry) of Lost Judgment, you will feel one thing that everything in this game changes completely.

Top 10 games for you to experience the feeling of hegemony, "unstoppable" (P.2)

It is completely possible to fight bosses without the main character getting even a small scratch. You just have to counterattack to be the most accurate, then perform a combo to smash the opponent. Moreover, the game also has a special move called EX Actions borrowed from the Yakuza series, so the main character in Lost Judgment is extremely cool.

Top 10 games for you to experience the feeling of hegemony, "unstoppable" (P.2)

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is one of the few role-playing games where you feel that the main character has an unstoppable special skill. You only have a certain amount of dragon power. When you use it up, the main character will “discolor”, and there is no way to restore this energy.

Top 10 games for you to experience the feeling of hegemony, "unstoppable" (P.2)

However, if you use the power of the dragon (and you will have to use it when facing some aggressive bosses) it will give you the feeling of not being afraid of any enemies in the game. Immediately, the enemies that previously sent your formation up and down the field are now easily disarmed after only 1-2 attacks. Another advantage is that the dragon’s power can help you “make up” the whole enemy team as easily as turning your hand. Basically, it makes you “immortal”. That’s why when choosing the moment to use this power is a lot of calculation, but once used, “the game is ez”.

Marvel’s Avengers is not overrated by critics and gamers alike. However, if you want to experience the feeling of being a strong man, this game is not bad at all. This isn’t the first time Hulk has appeared in the game, either, but the way the ground shakes with each of the Hulk’s arms and legs in Marvel’s Avengers makes this version of Hulk so special.

Top 10 games for you to experience the feeling of hegemony, "unstoppable" (P.2)

The ability to grab an enemy’s legs and fling them around like a teddy bear will always give you a sense of satisfaction. In his fury, Hulk alone was as destructive as an army. The enemy will have to see their biggest mistake is hovering in front of you.

Being a vampire doesn’t sound like much. But being a vampire like the handsome Alucard is different. Alucard is the son of the ancestor Dracula, with better blood than usual. Although he is a vampire, he can live freely under the human sun, and is immortal. Furthermore, Alucard’s power only increases as time passes. Alucard can transform into a bat, a wolf or even a mist. Alucard is as fast as The Flash, as strong as Captain America and can shoot fireballs – something any gamer would love to do.

The early game will be quite a difficult period for Alucard when all of his powers have now been stripped. However, after going half the game and regaining his inherent hegemony, you will find this guy is so strong that it breaks the game. And when you reach 3/4 of the game, you will see the difficulty of the game disappear because this Alucard is much stronger than his enemies.

Doom is not an easy game, but once mastered, it will make you feel like you are the embodiment of hegemony. In the game, you will play as DoomGuy – a young man who walks as fast as a racing car and kills demons faster than his ex-lover turns his back. You will have a huge arsenal of weapons to destroy any demon that dares to threaten the Earth. You are as strong as a god of war and almost invincible.

Top 10 games for you to experience the feeling of hegemony, "unstoppable" (P.2)

Besides that unparalleled strength, DoomGuy is also a loner in the Argent D’Nur arena, ready to tear anyone who intends to confront him. DoomGuy’s rage has no mercy, he simply destroys anything that moves until he completes his mission and protects his homeland.

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