Leo Top “lightning”, Chaos The Three Kingdoms officially Top 1 chart, surpassing “Fire Pagoda”

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If there are prejudices that the line Three Kingdoms game If the strategy will be difficult to create an “explosive” effect like the role-playing products “plow hoes”, they must be wrong. Because this morning, with the appearance of Chaos of the Three Kingdomsit seems that the position of the game “top of the top”, a great party for players to enjoy during the Lunar New Year holiday, has officially had its owner.

The dizzying “climbing Top” phase from Chaos World Three Kingdoms

Needless to say, with the number of players rushing back “like a storm”, Chaos The Three Kingdoms had a quick climb to the Top, taking the Top 1 chart after less than 2 hours. Even on the Free All Game chart, Chaos The Three Kingdoms “surpassed” even “Fire Pagoda”, an extremely formidable opponent…

The game has an ultra-light installer, but it has a very eye-catching “look”

This impressive achievement of Chaos The Three Kingdoms once again proves the saying: “Good game must be crowded”. A big plus for the latest game from NPH Gamota is an installer with super light capacity (only 400MB) and the experience is really smooth despite the most eye-catching animation and skill effects.

Right now, there are thousands of players flocking to experience the Three Kingdoms Chaos

This is a great strength that helps the game have a strong competitiveness compared to many other competitors of the same type. 3D graphics, sexy generals, dense troops throughout the map… all of that will become meaningless if the player’s experience is too jerky, laggy because of device incompatibility. Chaos The Three Kingdoms is different, it is optimized for many systems, bringing unique gameplay to as many players as possible.

Believe that during this holiday season, this will be a playground that you cannot miss

Believe that with the last days of the old year, when 500 gamers are about to enter the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, Chaos The Three Kingdoms will soon become a must-try, must-have playground. “.

Download Chaos The Three Kingdoms now at: https://ldtq.onelink.me/Co38/PRLoanThe

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