Legendary Tetris player dies unexpectedly at the age of 38

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Classic game fans Tetris They were all shocked when they received the news pro gamer Jonas Neubauer passed away on January 4. He is considered a legend in the Tetris world when he successfully conquered the world championship many times. News of Jonas’s passing was announced by his family to fans via his Twitter.


For those who don’t know, Jonas Neubauer is considered one of the players Classic Tetris best of all time. He started his professional career in 2010 and won the Classic Tetris World Championship 7 times in 2010 (the first year the tournament was held), 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 , 2016 and 2017.


Recently, a gamer shared a screenshot of a conversation with streamer Seriousproducer about what happened to the 38-year-old gamer on that fateful night. Jonas and Seriesproducer were in Hawaii at the time, both sitting on the couch reading a book when Jonas got up to go get something, but he suddenly fell down and never regained consciousness. The cause of Jonas Neubauer’s death is currently unknown

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