Fall Guys reveals Cheater Island – A resort paradise for hackers

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an emerging phenomenon in the gaming industry today and of course because it is so hot, there will definitely be hacks. This motivates Mediatonic developers to quickly perfect the anti . system hack/cheat to protect your game. Recently, this developer also revealed that during the initial development, the game was equipped with an anti-hacking system.​


Turned out Fall Guys used to have its own anti-hacking system, which includes Cheater Island – an island dedicated to hackers. According to the developer’s introduction, this is “a magical place where hackers can happily compete for the crown with other hackers”. However, using “hacker island” to fight hacking is an unfeasible measure. To avoid banning the wrong player, the developer used a slow, low-effective hacker test method.

That leads to the fact that Cheater Island will not have enough hackers to start a game. That is also the reason why hackers always find themselves stuck at the game loading interface, like encountering a bug. Then, when the number of hackers increased, Cheater Island had enough people to operate, but in general, this made the hacking/cheat phenomenon even more serious because hacker/cheater no longer afraid, even invite friends and relatives to turn on the hack.​


Due to inactivity, Cheater Island has been closed, detected hackers/cheaters will no longer be able to log into the game. Currently Fall Guys’ anti-cheat system is still under development, in fact they have added Epic’s anti-cheat feature, this is considered a big progress, hopefully it will bring positive effects. pole.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Now released for PC and PS4, a Mobile version is in development. To update the latest information about the game, please visit the address:​​

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