The case of promising to give AK models to the whole group – Young people meticulously cut AK … paper “pay the contract”

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As Emergenceingame.Com recently reported, after the “scam” broke out 21 billion to donate gun models Dragon sVip for the whole group if France wins the final World Cup 2018 Recently, this “holy explosion” youth was boycotted by the whole offline gaming community and banned from the group forever. But recently, the guy suddenly appeared and asked to come back and promised to pay the contract, making the story once again stir up the whole community.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how this guy will handle things. Because if you give this model to all members of the community (the number up to now is more than 124,000 members, not counting it will increase later), this guy will definitely have to spend some money. The money is not small at all, can reach tens of billions of dong.


That’s why many people have doubts about the seriousness of this gamer’s promise this time, because maybe it will be just a joke, nothing more. And indeed as expected, the young man once again played tricks, even showing great satisfaction and complacency with his joke, making the members extremely angry.

On his personal Facebook page, after promising to pay the deal, he posted a picture of him cutting an AK gun on paper, along with the caption. “Haizzz, try to cut enough for 120,000 brothers in the group”. Turns out the promise to give AK gun model for the whole group is… AK paper. But if you meticulously sit and cut these 120,000 paper gun models, it’s really “not the right size”. But perhaps everyone knows that the guy is only intentionally teasing “people love”.


Not stopping there, the young man also showed his arrogance and pride in what he considered to be his “trick of the century” when he had led so many people twice and in fact only is a “plot” for his one hundred million startup business with the conclusion “I’m smarter than you think”. The argument smelled of “slashing” made the guy receive back many more “bricks and stones”.


With all that has happened, here it can be concluded that this is actually just an outrageous joke of a “young buffalo” young man, nothing more. Create a scandal, attract public opinion and have fun with your jokes. Components like this are best released to the “island” as soon as possible!​

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