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Clan – a form of guild organization of VNG Swordsman, allowing players to create groups to do missions with a relatively small number of members, only 5 people. The organization of the Clan creates a fairly new gameplay and also avoids the imbalance between the clans. Because it is easy to see, in previous swordplay role-playing games, the number of members of a guild is quite large, so it often happens that players flock to a few strong clans, causing a disparity in the number of members. Large orders between guilds.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

The novelty in the way the Swordsman’s Clan is organized helps to keep the balance and create fierce high-low matches between the Clans. In this race, there are a few names that other Houses must watch out for. Because these are the Clans that are considered the strongest Swordsman VNG today. Let’s take a look at the names that are trying to take the top spot in this game.

The most formidable Clans of Swordsman VNG:

FaMiLy (Server 1)


FaMiLy is the TOP1 Clan of server 1. This tribe currently has a fighting force of up to 11 million. Quite far from other Clans in the same Ranking.


The members of this Clan all possess very high levels and combat power. The patriarch of FaMiLy is also currently in the TOP4 of the server’s personal combat ranking.

Anonymous (Server 2)


The second name on this list is Anonymous, the clan is currently occupying the top position of server 2. Anonymous has a combat power of more than 12 million, creating a more than double difference compared to the clan. in 2nd place and almost far ahead of other Clans.


This is a pretty strong tribe when owning up to 4/5 members, all of whom are in the TOP10 of the highest fighting power on the server. Surely an opponent many other Houses must be wary of.

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-=- KING -=- (Server 3)


-=- KING -=- is the formidable name of server 3. Although there are only 4 members, the fighting force of this Clan is also quite high, more than 8 million.


Although the level of the patriarch LeeKing is not in the top of the game, the current fighting force is causing many gamers to be afraid. This character’s battle strength is currently TOP2 of the whole server.

FANTASY (Server 4)


This is also a name not to be missed on this list. With a battle force of more than 9 million, FANTASY is also far behind other clans in the same server.


The members of this Clan also possess quite strong levels and combat power.

Kieu (Server 5)


Kieu currently owns the strongest battle force on server 5, with more than 7.4 million, while the other Clans on this server have only 3 – 4 million combat strength.


The Arrogant patriarch of this Clan is currently unique on the VNG Swordsman’s personal combat rankings. Meanwhile, the rest of the members are also masters with quite high ground combat.
These are currently the Clans possessing fighting power as well as extremely formidable members. But most likely, in the not too distant future, these names will be crushed by other Clans who are also trying to get ahead. And the race for ranking at Swordsman VNG will be even more exciting.

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