Learn the past of Kratos – God of War of the God of War series (P1)

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The latest game of the series God of War is the focus of attention when it is preparing to be released on April 20. Before that, a series of reviews and reviews of reputable news sites in the world confirmed the “super product” of this masterpiece. Even the game is seen as a remarkable step forward compared to its 3 predecessors. Apparent, Sony and SIE Santa Monica The studio has once again succeeded in making the God of War an unforgettable image in the gaming world.


The events of the new God of War take place years after everything ended with God of War 3 in 2010. Kratos found a new home in Northern Europe, with a wife and a son. This year the God of War had a new home, a new life. The new game obviously won’t let his life be completely smooth, but Kratos will certainly find a way to get through it.


While 2018’s God of War doesn’t have a direct connection to the original trilogy, many new players obviously want to learn about Kratos’ past as well. For those who do not have enough time to replay all 3 previous games, Emergenceingame.Com would like to summarize the first half of the Spartan War God’s life here:

Long ago, even before the main game even started, Kratos was the general of Sparta who led his soldiers to victory after victory…until he lost to the King. Barbarian (Crazy Warrior). When death was near, Kratos called out his name Ares, God of War of Greece, in the hope of being saved.


Kratos vows to serve Ares in exchange for his life and strength to defeat the enemy and protect the people. Ares agrees, and gives Kratos the Blades of Chaos – twin short swords with two chains fastened to the Spartan’s wrists, a testament to the bond between him and Ares.

Recovered with a new weapon, Kratos defeats the Barbarian King and sets out on a journey to fulfill his contract with Ares. One day, that journey led him to a village of worship Athena – Goddess of Wisdom. Kratos did not know that his wife and children were secretly brought to this village by Ares. Immersed in a murderous rampage due to Ares’ influence, Kratos destroyed the village, and took the lives of his own family with his own hands. Everything goes according to Ares’ plan, when this God thinks that the tragedy will free Kratos from his humanity and turn him into a perfect warrior. That plan failed. Instead of turning into a beast, Kratos awakened and abandoned Ares.


However, nothing could change what he had done. The village’s surviving prophet cursed Kratos with ashes from the bodies of his wife and children, turning his flesh white and gray. Since then, he received a new nickname: Ghost of Sparta.

For the next decade, Kratos devoted himself to serving the other Greek Gods in the hope that it would bring peace of mind, and free him from the nightmares of his past. An opportunity arose to make that happen, when none other than Athena appeared and made a condition: Kill Ares, and all Kratos’ sins would be forgiven.


Not long after, Kratos learned about Pandora’s Box, a mythical artifact possessing the power to slay the Gods. Kratos found it, but never had a chance to use it. Ares, who had been watching the entire process, suddenly attacked and killed his former servant, then took the box for himself.

Kratos’ journey is not over yet, as he finds himself in the middle of the Underworld. There, Kratos meets a mysterious man who reveals to him that Athena is not the only God watching over him. With this man’s help, Kratos escaped from Hell to return to Athens and encounter Ares for the third time.


In the final battle of the first game in the series, Kratos regains Pandora’s Box, and uses its power and new weapon Blade of the Gods to destroy Ares. Athena soon also fulfilled her promise, accepting to forgive Kratos. However, he could not forgive himself, and the nightmare of what he had done was still there.

Athena, besides forgiveness, also gave Kratos another gift: Divinity. In place of Ares, who was slain, Kratos became the new Greek God of War.​

(To be continued)

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