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At the beginning of July, the title game Clash of Clans has updated a new version for both iOS and Android platforms, upgraded quite a lot of new features, as well as added a magic cook Dark Spell Factory including 3 new spells: Poison, Earthquake and Haste. Dark Spell Factory can be built from Town Hall 8 and upgraded to Level 3 at Town Hall 9.

We have known before 5 types of magic bring destructive power, great damage. Now, adding 3 new spells will definitely bring an extremely interesting experience for players, supporting the power to attack buildings as well as increasing the strength of the soldiers.

3 new spells in Clash of Clans

  • Poison Spell: Creates a poisonous smoke that drains the opponent’s health.
  • Earthquake Spell: Creates a small earthquake in a certain area.
  • Haste Spell: Increases movement speed for minions within range.

Here, invite you along Download.vn Learn the detailed effects, as well as how to use together with video instructions on how to use each of these new spells, to apply in a more effective gameplay:

Learn 3 new types of support spells added in Clash of Clans

1. Haste Spell

Like Rage Spell said Haste Spell is used to increase the movement speed of soldiers in the area of ​​effect, but does not increase damage points for minions. Haste Spell has a slightly smaller range of effects than the Rage Spell. To unlock this support spell, you must upgrade the Dark Spell Factory to level 3.

Magic Haste Spell in the game COC

Effects of Haste Spell:

  • Speed ​​up the movement of soldiers in the game. You should use Haste Spell to speed up slow but powerful minions like Balloon, Dragon and PEKKA
  • 1 Haste Spell at level 1 has the ability to accelerate by 1 Rage Spell at level 5.
  • Haste Spell when upgraded to maximum acceleration for troops 2 times more than 1 Rage Spell level 5.
  • Haste Spell can counteract Air Sweeper.
  • Each time Haste Spell 1 level, they increase by 6 speed.

The effect of Haste Spell magic

How to use Haste Spell effectively:

  • Do not use Haste spells to support dragons, because dragons are small in number and usually do not go in groups like Balloon, so they do not focus on attacking defenders first but spread out all the houses.
  • Should not be used Haste Spell to speed up Lava and Golem because these 2 have low damage, when using Haste Spell is ineffective, even losing them before causing damage.
  • Should only be used to speed up Ballon and Combo.

Video manuals Haste Spell:

2. Earthquake Spell

Earthquake Spell creates a small earthquake in the affected area, and at the same time reduces a certain amount of HP works in that area. Use magic Earthquake to destroy buildings with high HP to get a lot of blood. To unlock this spell we must upgrade the Dark Spell Factory to level 2.

Earthquake magic in the game Clash of Clans

Earthquake Spell effects:

  • Deals more damage on buildings with high HP.
  • Only occupies 1 slot instead of 2 slot.
  • Deals evenly damage over a wide range, unlike Lightning Spell.
  • The ability to break the wall is very good.

Earthquake magic effects

How to use the Earthquake Spell effectively:

  • This spell works 4 times against walls, because for every 1 Earthquake Spell maximum can damage up to 48% for any wall, so use this magic to destroy as many walls as possible.
  • Use Earthquake Spell to solve the wall deep inside of a base is also very effective, if the wall is close together, you can use this magic to handle both layers at the same time.
  • Do not use the Earthquake Spell to handle the defenders in the base, but can still be used to further support the attack in the center of the base.

Defense house in base

Earthquake Spell tutorial video:

3. Poison Spell

Poison Spell produces poisonous smoke that slows down and damages enemy troops within range, great for destroying Clan or Heroes in a base. However, Poison Spell does not affect the buildings, so please pay attention not to waste this magic.

Poison magic in COC

Effects of Poison Spell:

  • Reduces attack speed and deals damage.
  • Deals even and more damage.
  • Easier to control because it deals damage in 1 area you drop.

Effects of Poison Spell

How to use Poison Spell effectively:

  • Used when the enemy defenders are not too strong.
  • If you meet Babarians, Acher or a wizard or a unit with low health use Poison Spell. It has the ability to kill all enemies using Poison spells.
  • Hard to kill: Dragon, Pekka, Golem, Lava hound or Giant have high levels so you should pay attention to use this spell to the most effective.
  • Poison Spell can quickly handle enemy Heroes.
  • Normally, when the Barbarian King and the Acher Queen defend deep in the base, they will have a lot of difficulty when hitting because it won’t be easy to lure it out. But when using Poison Spell, if we have 11 Poison Spell at level 14, we can quickly kill them at level 40.
  • When using 1 Poison Spell at level 1 can easily kill all Tier 1 troops or Wizard / Witches / Minions at any level. When using 7 Poison Spell level 1 you can defeat 1 level 5 Barbarian King.
  • Use these 2 spells alternately to wipe out CC troops.

Video manual Poison Spell:

So you have partly understood the effects of these 3 new spells to easily apply in your gameplay. In addition, to play Clash of Clans effectively, you need to learn more how to buy more farmers, as well as accumulate more War experience effective too!

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Wish you have fun playing the game!

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