How to unlock and play Among Us Beta

How to unlock and play Among Us Beta Below will help you experience the latest features of the game that are causing “storm” in this world.

How to play Among Us Beta

In Among UsAll players will play the role of astronauts to perform spaceship repair missions. However, some of the team members are imposters with conspiracy to destroy and kill the real astronaut. Crewmate’s goal is to complete the mission, survive and expel all of the Imposter from the ship. Imp impersonator will quietly sabotage and kill Crewmate to avoid being discovered.

Many players and streamers have created their own rules to play Among Us Interestingly, “harder”, even changing the main gameplay, such as having all players in a game agree not to use visual tasks or observe the quest bar to increase your chances of success. Impostor. However, such rules are not always clear.

Understand that, InnerSloth, the developer behind Among Us has introduced a number of new features in the upcoming update to meet the expectations of fans and increase the appeal of the game. And now you can try them out right away Among Us Beta.

How to access and play Among Us Beta

Among Us latest updates

Among Us Beta currently only available for PC users. Therefore, mobile players have not been able to test out new features, unless they have purchased Among US PC on Steam. To access Among Us Beta, players need to open your Steam library and follow these instructions:

  1. Right click Among Us in the library.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Click Betas on the right.
  4. In Select the Beta you would like to opt into, choose public-Beta.
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Among Us Beta on Steam

Here, players can close the Properties window when the new version is downloaded and open the game.

Among Us Beta now contains a few new features that may become part of the game in future updates.

  • The first is anonymous voting. With this feature, you cannot know who voted for certain types of players during the meeting. This change makes it harder to identify Imp impersonators.
  • Another new feature is allowing players to choose when and how the taskbar will be shown, including: always on display, only show during meetings or never show. This will be more detrimental to the astronauts, and at the same time, impostors easily hide the moment they fake a mission.
  • Finally there is color blindness. Now players need to rely on the shape to successfully execute the quest.

The above is how to unlock and play Among Us Beta. Hope the article is useful to you.

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