CSGO: 3 signs that indicate the end of a team

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Every team has to terminate at some point (maybe a few months or it can last many years). This is true for all eSports teams, especially CSGO. Here are three general signs that a roster is coming to an end.

Operating time of a team

Usually the lineup CSGO only peaked at 3-9 months and started to decline gradually from 6-12 months. That’s because aggregated information about this lineup is usually completed within a six-month period. Other teams have learned how this team plays, who the star of the team is, what tactics and styles of play are. That’s why teams that pass the 9-month mark often don’t make a huge improvement in their level. The only two exceptions that the article is aware of are the old and the Wings side of Dota 2.

The number of map pools decreased


The reduction of the map pool in CSGO equivalent to one of three things: The individual performance of key players has dropped, there is no ability to create tactics, or the opponent has the team in the palm of their hand. The faster the map pool decreases, the sooner the team will restructure the squad. After the first few months, most of the team’s map pool will obviously drop as the other teams start to get the hang of them. To avoid this, the team needs to specialize in their map pool, either by improving the best maps or expanding the map pool. In the case of Luminosity/SK, they did both in 2016, while continuing to refine their Train map and expanding into Dust2.

Too dependent on divine processing

The reason for this is pretty obvious, if you think about it. If one team is dominating the other team, they won’t need to win in magic rounds. However, this is not always true. When it comes to the key members of SK in the past, they created legends in the world CSGO by such processes.

Of the three factors above, you can understand when a team is no longer growing and begins to fall apart. If the team can spot these problems, they can overcome them. In the case of, the members swapped all positions and that brought the team back to the top. In the case of LG/SK, FalleN pointed out the fatal flaw of the system in the team and found the right players to play the right positions. For the vast majority of teams, they can’t find the cause because they’re too hard to detect.

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