League of Legends: Top 5 marksmen worth watching at Worlds 2018

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With the 2018 League of Legends Worlds underway, it’s time for us to take a look at 5 players in a position that a lot of people are interested in, that is ADC!

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1. Jian “Uzi” Zi-hao, Royal Never Give Up

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Uzi is the best marksman in the world

Some time ago, Uzi There was a period of time off from the game and his replacement was Dai.”Able“Zhi-Chun. But after coming back, Uzi did not disappoint the fans. This star Chinese AD carry continues to show his dominance in the LPL, and it was he who opened the door to Royal Never Give Up’s 2nd consecutive LPL championship of the year.

Excellent personal skills along with stability helped Uzi outperform all opponents in the competition to become the world’s No. 1 ADC at the moment. After winning 2 consecutive LPL championships, along with the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational championship, the World championship is the last title that he lacks in his title collection.

Rated as the number 1 team in the world at the moment, it is clear that the title of the world’s number 1 ADC cannot escape the pocket. Uzi. His performances at MSI set RNG apart from any other team, and it was that performance that helped RNG achieve their first international title.

Can speak Uzi is an S-rank player when it comes to almost every aspect of the game, especially in laning and teamfights. The ability to have an outstanding amount of minion in many matches clearly shows that he is currently the best laner in the world. It doesn’t stop there, the stability of Uzi also allows him to turn the tide of any teamfight at any moment, especially when he uses highly mutant marksmen like Kai’Sa or Vayne.

2. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, KT Rolster

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Deft still has weaknesses, but has hit much better in 2017

Deft has emerged as a star marksman since 2014, during his time with Samsung Galaxy Blue. At that time, Deft Impressive audiences with his excellent positioning in teamfights, and his time with EDward Gaming from 2015 to 2016 helped him hone his 2 vs 2 teamfights a lot.

Upon returning to Korea and joining KT Rolster, Deft showed once again why he’s considered one of the best AD carry in the world when he’s paired with a support that’s also top in the world: Cho”Mata“Se-hyeong.

During his time playing for KT, Deft combined the laning ability he learned in China with the excellent positioning in teamfights that he already had. When the bot lane meta changed at the start of the summer split, Deft still proves that he can adapt to any situation when he becomes the focus of the team with the Mordekaiser card. This allowed KT to continue using a play around the bot lane, and it was that style of play that led rookie Griffin to receive his first defeat of the season. In a year where the bot lane went through a lot of upheaval, Deft He has proven to be a very versatile player and always knows how to shine in any situation.

3. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, Gen.G

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Ruler always knows how to shine in difficult times

At the time of joining League Champions Korea in 2016, ruler was heavily criticized because the number of champions he could use was very limited. He has many times made fans happy when using Varus, Jhin and Ezreal, but often has a lot of difficulties when not being able to use forehand champions. During the complete bot lane meta change, ruler surprised everyone when he was the only one who remained loyal to the traditional ADCs, and at the same time, he also showed his ability to use extremely proficiently the traditional ADC champions when continuously reaping the rewards. succeed with those cards at a time when the meta is extremely chaotic.

Above all, ruler Always ready to learn. Already many times ruler against Uzi throughout his career, and those matches helped him learn a lot of valuable things and apply them to improve his play. More importantly, he learned to use a lot of new champions each time he faced stronger opponents. This has helped him become one of the top AD carry in the LCK as well as worldwide.

4. Yu “Jackeylove” Wen-bo, Invictus Gaming

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Jackeylove has very high skills, but it is easy to make blameworthy mistakes due to being too…aggressive

Jackeylove started to gain popularity at a time when the Invictus Gaming team was looking for talent in the position of AD carry. However, at that time he was still too young to be able to play professionally. When officially becoming a professional player, the first time getting used to the professional environment seems to be very difficult for me. Jackeylovebut over time, he got used to the highest level of competition and has proven to be one of the top marksmen in the league.

The 17-year-old Invictus Gaming is still honest about the mistakes rookies often make, but it’s his teamfights that make him such a formidable opponent. ‘s personal skills Jackeylove unquestionably, and that’s what made him one of the top marksmen at this year’s Worlds. If Jackeylove With more playing experience, he would probably have ranked higher on this list.

5. Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, Team Liquid

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Doublelift is the number 1 AD carry in North America despite playing for many years

There won’t be any doubt or denial to say that Doublelift is North America’s number 1 sniper. Doublelift knew he had to help Team Liquid go far at this year’s World Championship to erase the bad memories of Team SoloMid’s group stage in 2016 and 2017. Moments Doublelift being caught by Samsung Galaxy in 2016 is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about his performance in the international arena.

Doublelift currently wearing the shirt of Team Liquid, not Team SoloMid anymore. And forced to pass the group stage is the only choice of the most expensive team in North America. After winning the MVP title after years of falling short of the title, Team Liquid’s conductor is in better form than ever as he heads to this year’s World Championship.

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