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In the update Mini World: Block Art Latest, players can use the new feature – The Transfer Core Block – Transport point blocks for teleportation. Thanks to it, you can go anywhere in Mini World in a matter of seconds.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to using The Transfer Core Block:

Step 1: You must access Creative mode – Dev Mode to find blocks The Transfer Core Block. Open the backpack, you will see it in the section Repair.

Shipping point block in Mini World

Step 2: Place this block in the two places you want to move to.

Place a shipping point block in Mini World

Step 3: Open teleport point 1 to set some properties.

Set the teleport point property in Mini World

Here, please click on Add destination to select position 2 (where you want to go).

Select shift point 2

Set up a transfer rule
In item Shift pointYou’ll see rules for instant movement, including carry-on and embargoed items.

Step 3: Click on the pencil icon to set the Shift Law as desired.

Set up a transfer rule

Note: If the button Team control points In the off state, all teleporters can pass through the gate.

Step 4: Open the shipping or embargo management panel.

Choose transport or embargo in Mini World

Further explanation: The requirements in this section are the same as a “passport” for travel to another location on the map. Teams with banned items will not be able to pass through the teleport gate you create.

Step 5: Now you just need to jump on the transport point block to get to the desired location on the map of Mini World: Block Art.

Teleportation in Mini World

Simple and easy, right? Good luck!


  • Not only two, you can create many different shipping points, then just add the Transfer Core Block and necessary options.
  • This feature is only applicable in Creative mode, that is, you cannot teleport immediately in Survival Mode.

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