Compare Garena Free Fire vs. Rules Of Survival vs. PUBG Mobile

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Garena Free Fire, Rules Of Survival and PUBG Mobile are the 3 most popular Battle Royal games today. Although they are both Battle Royal game genre, but they are not completely the same, each game attracts gamers with its unique gameplay.

To help you choose your own Battle Royal game, below, will give a few comparisons of game genres so you can choose your own style, this is not articles to describe the best game but only consider the features that make up that game’s brand.

Compare 3 games Rules Of Survival, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

1. Gameplay between games

Basically, the three gameplay of Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and Rules Of Survival are the same. All are a certain number of players are dropped on an island, players can form a team or play alone, but the main purpose is to collect weapons and fight to become the last survivor.

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Specifically, when you parachute down, you will have to immediately search for protective gear, weapons, and healing items, then start your fight by hunting other players, in the middle of the three titles. This game differs only slightly in the number of people jumping on the island, the size of the island. Below are the indicators of the area and players who landed on the island.

  • PUBG Mobile: The island’s size is 8x 308, the maximum number of players is 100 people.
  • Rules Of Survival: The island size is 8x km, and the maximum number of players is 120 people.
  • Garena Free Fire: The size of the island is not determined, the maximum number of players is 50 people.

Only Free Fire can not confirm the exact size of the islands in this game, but based on the number of players, this is definitely the island with the smallest area. You will be put on the plane when the countdown is over and choose where to jump off the island to start your survival battle.

Commenting on the number of players, all 3 have a time limit suitable for gamers, only Free Fire is very fast-paced because there are only 50 players in a match. As for Rules Of Survival and PUBG Mobile, you will have to wait more because the number of people is double.

2. How it works

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What the Battle Royal genre has in common is that they all have a safe area limited to a white inner ring and will begin to shrink over time. When outside the safe area, you will lose blood, how fast or slow it depends on what circumference, if you stay out of the circle for too long then you will definitely not survive.

All three games have a white circle, only PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have an extra blue circle outside the white circle, which is constantly moving and forcing the player to move. . Rules Of Survival has only one white circle, but outside of this circle there will be a translucent blue circle narrowed like the two games above.

Free Fire has a simpler gameplay than the two games above, most of Free Fire’s matches end before the circle shrinks more than 3 times. The reason is easier to understand because the map and number of players are less than ROS and PUBG Mobile.

3. Weapons, loot and game mechanics

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Regarding the number of weapons, PUBG Mobile has the most weapons and items, Rules Of Survival has all 17 types of weapons, Free Fire has 18, PUBG Mobile has the most with more than 25 types, there are also The types of equipment and accessories are better, drinks and regeneration items are also more varied and the gameplay is more realistic with you having to measure the trajectory and the angle of the bullet when using a Sniper.

As for ROS and Free Fire, these two games do not put a lot of emphasis on the reality of fighting, PUBG Mobile players will feel distinctly different when using each weapon, and ROS and Free Fire, the feeling of gamers, when playing, they are the same type.

For example, when using sniper rifles, you only feel different damage when using different guns and the enemy is hit, but in terms of distance, the damage is the same, you just need to hit the enemy. Can “lie on the ground”, another thing is that in PUBG Mobile, you have limited energy when running continuously, while in Free Fire or ROS, how far you can run will not get tired.

4. Skills for the character

In this regard, Free Fire is better than the other two games when in the game, you can change the character stats, and with ROS or PUBG Mobile, you are simply a person trying to survive. Only, with Free Fire, you will own the unique and unique skills of each character, for example, here is the character Nikita can change weapons faster.

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Another character with less damage ability while out of the circle is Ford. Characters like this you can unlock with virtual currency in the game and use them in advanced tactics. For example, using Ford to align and destroy enemies that run in, take advantage of the advantages that each character has to win his hand.


Each game has its own characteristics and characteristics, you can choose to suit your gameplay. PUBG Mobile is for those who want to experience the most realistic battlefield, ROS is for those looking for simple and fast gameplay, action-oriented. Free Fire is the same, but you can choose to have short-term entertainment, as each game lasts only 15-20 minutes.

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