League of Legends: New champion Seraphine will debut at the opening ceremony of Worlds 2020

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Worlds 2020 will start on September 25th. After the press conference with the media, Riot announced KDA . music group will perform a new song at the opening ceremony with the same young artist Seraphine. However, the official answer about Seraphine is a character, a virtual singer or a person generals in League of Legends still unanswered.

However, that doesn’t matter anymore because now, fans want to see her perform with the famous group. KDA. Besides, Riot also shared more excitement when talking about the success of the group and the collaboration with new artists.


KDA will perform a new song at 2020 Worlds opening ceremony. A wide range of talents including familiar singers as well as new ones. One of those vocalists is Seraphine. She will join KDA live on stage to perform.

Most recently, Seraphine shared a few words on her Twitter page: “Can’t believe I had to leave my regular job so soon, I will miss my days working here.”


According to the introduction, Seraphine was originally a bartender at a store in Los Angeles, California. In the past few months, Seraphine has quickly emerged thanks to Riot’s active promotion. Also in the press conference, Riot said AR . technology and VR will be applied with the help of the world’s leading engineers, to bring audiences virtual reality experiences as well as combine with resolutions up to 32k, 60fps.

So, Worlds 2020 promises to be event The first live to use technology with multiple camera renders in real time with the highest quality and detail. Previously in 2017, 2018 and 2019, fans have witnessed impressive performances, but things will be even more eye-catching at this year’s event.​

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