Jumping in the air, pro PUBG ends the game like “cinema”

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PUBGOnline Showdown Tournament is a tournament with a total prize money of up to $50,000 with the participation of countless top teams in Europe and North America. Today, the matches of the 6th week took place, and in the European region, Team Liquid is firmly sitting on the dominant position, with 3 meals of “chicken rice” in 4 matches (the other match #2).


In today’s matches, the most memorable moment for all the followers is definitely the one that Ibiza of Team Liquid ended the game with a jump off the hillside and shot the opponent in the head from the air.

At that time, the game lasted to the final round with 4 teams and 8 survivors. The circle begins to shrink, and this is the last circle, so it will shrink until it disappears completely. Obviously, the match will end in just a few seconds, just like the commentators said.

Ibiza begins his carnage. From the mountainside, he performed a lightning strike and destroyed two people who stood in his way. Other gunfights also broke out, his teammates killed one more. Now, the two were standing in the middle of the circle, but the problem was that there was someone else, too, right at their feet.

The circle continued to shrink, no one had an advantage when it disappeared in the middle of the hillside. Everyone thought it was time to compete to see who had more health potions, except Ibiza. He decisively threw himself off the hillside, shot his opponent straight in the head, and got himself a dreamy finish.

Ibiza in the recent Starseries tournament

This is definitely one of the best endings of a match Professional PUBG, when every gamer plays very carefully. However, for those who have been following Team Liquid for a long time, no one will be surprised, as this is a team with an extremely aggressive shooting style. At the end of today’s competition, they not only won the first place with total points, but also the team with the most kills (60/4 games, more than double that of the 2nd place team).

Team Liquid’s “aggressive” lineup

With this win, Team Liquid has secured the top spot of EU Split 1. They will participate in the Showdown phase of the tournament for both regions in the near future.

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