Collection of the best Gacha Club OC ideas

Gacha Club is a fashion game that makes young people and teenagers all over the world passionate about creating characters and related content the way they want. Come to Gacha ClubYou can combine characters, add them to a variety of scenes, join Studio mode and play with the adorable chibis available in the store.

If you already know how to create Gacha Club OC, the following article will synthesize the best character creation ideas that you can apply and customize for personal works.

Shaping suggestions for the best Gacha Club OC

School fashion

Since Gacha Club players are mostly children, school outfits are always an endless source of inspiration. You can choose a casual shirt combined with pants or a skirt with outstanding accessories such as shoes, socks … like a Korean uniform and bring your Gacha Club to school right away.

If you do not like uniforms, you can dress Gacha Club with an outfit that suits the classroom environment.

Lovely gothic style

Gothic fashion has become a popular trend in every fashion game, so don’t be fooled to ignore this style. You can wear it Gacha Club OC dark and dramatic, usually black suits combine with personality accessories for a sophisticated look. You can also refer to ideas from characters in Gacha Club’s Corrupted Units club, and then design your own outfits by changing unwanted details.

Vintage outfit

Vintage fashion in Gacha Club OC

You can charm Gacha Club OC with the most loved classic – Vintage. Refer to character designs in movies or comics about the previous era. You can try accessories like gloves, bow and arrow or accessories from the 60s.

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Outfits for Gacha Club OC

Are you thinking of a Gacha Club going to work in the office? And you want the character to look professional, personal, capable but a bit difficult? Dress Chibi for an office outfit that matches the nature of the job you choose, incorporating additional accessories such as bags, beautiful badges.

The wedding

Wedding outfit for Gacha Club OC

Another great idea is to create a bride / groom for Gacha Club OC. You can use bold colors, simple yet bright outfit designs. This way, you can experiment with different hairstyles and accessories for the character’s face and head.

Chibi-style fantasy characters or superheroes

The heroine of Gacha Club OC

Break with Tomboy / Hipster

Gacha Club OC's fashion sense

Aristocratic style

Princess style for Gacha Club OC

Twins fashion

The above are just some ideas shaping Gacha Club OC is appreciated in the world. If you have any other ideas, do not hesitate to share with!

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