League of Legends launched a 137 general named Kayn

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On the morning of June 28, Riot officially released the 137th general in League of Legends named Kayn – Shadow Death. Having a shape that is almost like a death god, holding in his hand a deadly magic that terrifies many people.

Kayn can be both an assassin and a gladiator depending on the situation of the match. With his main role in the jungle, with his wall-piercing skills, this new general has the ability to collect souls to increase the power of the attack. You are invited to join us in the details of the skill set of this 137 general in the article below:

The 137 general named Kayn

Kayn’s skill set – Shadow Death in League of Legends

Scythe Darkin (Passive)

With the scythe in hand, Kayn was able to transform according to the battle situation. In each battle, Kayn will search for enemies with long range, while Rhaast will look for melee opponents. If Kayn wins, he turns into a dark assassin, while Rhaast wins, Darkin becomes his master.

  • Dark Assassin Status: Deals bonus magic damage for the first few seconds of fighting a champion.
  • Darkin state: Heals for part of the damage dealt by the skill to champions.

Trash (Q)

Kayn dashes towards the target for a short distance, then attacks all surrounding enemies. Both attacks deal physical damage, while Tram deals additional damage to monsters.

  • Darkin state: This ability deals bonus health damage to all enemy champions, except minions.

Destroy (W)

Deals damage in a straight line, slowing all enemies hit.

  • Dark Assassin Status: Creating a shadow on the toss, Kayn can move while the ability is in use.
  • Darkin state: Throws up enemies it has hit in a short time.

Set (E)

Increased running speed and wall penetration. When entering the wall the first time is restored a small amount of health, the duration of the effect is extended. However, Kayn will not extend the duration if she is fighting a champion.

  • Dark Assassin Status: Increased movement speed, immunity to all slow effects when activating the Set.

Enter (R)

Can penetrate any enemy hero’s body around, when Kayn escapes the victim’s body, dealing massive damage.

  • Dark Assassin Status: Enter is launched at longer ranges and resets Darkin’s Scythe bonus magic damage duration after leaving the target.
  • Darkin state: Enter deals bonus damage as a percentage of the victim’s maximum health, and also heals Darkin.

Kayn is the only champion in League of Legends that has the ability to transform into two different states. Let’s experience this 137 general friend!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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