How to get Kayn for free in League of Legends

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The 137th general in League of Legends named Kayn – Shadow Death will officially reach gamers in the 7.14 update. With a very cool appearance, with many new skills that can be both an assassin and a gladiator depending on the situation of the match, possessing a deadly magic in hand that many people fear.

More interesting, Garena suddenly launched a free general donation program for the earliest login gamers. Just follow the instructions below, 500 lucky brothers You will get General Kayn for free. Invite you to follow:

How to sign up to receive Kayn for free in League of Legends

Step 1: To sign up for free General Kayn, click COME IN to join the free general LOL. Enter your username correctly Garena, name in the game League of Legends and User ID (You do not know how to get User ID can refer to the article How to view your Garena User ID). After that, Kayn’s transformation form was chosen Assassin or Darkin, then click Choose.

Sign up for free generals

Step 2: Next, the system will ask you to share articles on the wall Facebook I will be able to complete the registration process to receive free generals.

Share Facebook

Step 3: When the message appears “Congratulations on choosing the successful side” That’s it, just wait for the result from Garena to see if I am one of the 500 lucky brothers.

Choose a successful side

With just a few simple steps, plus the luck you will own the 137 general in League of Legends completely free without having to pay any cost. The quantity is limited, so please quickly register!

Good luck!

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