League of Legends: How to play Kalista to hit the top lane


Kalista is currently a phenomenon that many gamers “scramble” in the process of choosing generals and using for top lane position. Even famous players like TheShy have been using this champion very successfully when it comes to the top, against any enemy. Let’s learn how to play the top lane Kalista effectively in the following article.


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How to play Kalista to hit the top lane in League of Legends

Why is Kalista top lane?

Top lane is a lane mainly for melee generals in the form of tankers or fighters. Therefore, it can be said that when holding ADs with long range and maneuverability like Kalista or Vayne, they will have the ability to poke very well, counter and drain champions with “buffalo” blood in the top lane.

One of the basic points that makes Kalista solo top very strong is the ability to fly a kite, which she is difficult to do when going to the bottom lane because of the appearance of champions that control hard opponents like Leona, Nautilus. .. While in the top lane, hot picks like Aatrox, Darius, Mordekasier, Ornn or Sett are not champions that are accessible and make it difficult for Kalista.


How to increase points and use skills

Before looking at how to add skill points to top Kalista, let’s take a look at Kalista’s skill set.

(Q) Penetration: This is the primary damage skill in the early stages with quite a long cast range. This will be the skill that should be maxed first, both to farm soldiers, effectively push the road and mess

(W): Ghost Detective: This can be said to be a pretty useless skill when going solo top. Simply because you cannot activate its passive and it is easy to break. Instead, you just need to buy eyes and plug. So this will be the last skill needed to increase

(E) Tormented: Her ability to make a surge in the top lane. Kalista’s darts, spear draw will be extremely painful and annoying with E skill. This skill can increase max 2nd, or if confident, you can max it first.

(R) Fate’s Call: There’s nothing much to say about this skill when you go solo top alone. However, when teamfights break out, this skill will play a pretty big role. So, it’s best to wait until the mid game, review the situation before proceeding with your teammates.

Skill points increase for the top lane Kalista:


Supporting jewel table Kalista top


Super jade Sword rain would be a pretty good choice for Kalista. Combined with great texture ability, do not forget to add the blood suction index in the jade table.

Equip the top lane Kalista


Unknown sword: Damage% health, extremely suitable against tank champions

Blood blade: A quite powerful item for Kalista, which both provides more healing and lethality to subtract the opponent’s armor

Cannons Lien thanh: Increases speed and attack range.

Death reminder: Specialized to treat tankers with deep wound effects as well as armor removal.

Rage shoes: Increases attack speed.

Tips on the road

  • As mentioned above, Kalista solo top with extremely strong melee champions. With the skill E: Torment no longer restores mana, in the first phase, use Q to poke. When you have a decent amount of mana, please spam E. The damage done is great.
  • Don’t be too “aggressive”, over-squeezing the lane because after all, Kalista is also an ADC with very low health. If the enemy jungle ganks then you will most likely have to go to the counters board. Calmly farm with the texture until you have a good amount of items, then consider joining the fight.
  • Show your strength and confidently plug a lot of spears into your opponent, then draw E and feel the terrible power of Kalista.
  • Although it is very strong when facing top gladiators, but still need to be very careful with some generals with skills to approach such as Irelia, Yasuo, Fiora …

I wish you success with Kalista top!

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