League of Legends: How to play Lillia – Jade board, skill points, how to map


The latest general is officially released in the version 10.15 of League of Legends: Lillia – A shy flower bud. With the power of the jungle, Lillia promises to bring new and interesting things to Summoner’s Rift in particular and LOL in general. Let Download.vn learn about how to play Lillia in the article below.


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League of Legends: How to play Lillia – Jade board, skill points, how to map

Overview of Lillia

At first glance, Lillia has a face that is quite similar to Neeko because these two generals are both forest spirits. Although she has an extremely cute appearance, but in fact this giraffe is a jungler general with a tendency to resist. With a percentage of max health on enemy champions passive, Lillia won’t mind any tanky champions even late in the game. Combined with the ultimate with extremely wide AOE, Lillia will make any enemy be afraid.

Gem boards for Lillia

For Lillia, the best super gem for her is probably Phase acceleration. With the enormous speed boosted when using the skill, chasing and fleeing will be much simpler.

Jade phase accelerated table
Jade phase accelerated table

In addition, you can also use gems Electric shock while in the jungle to increase damage stacking and finish off enemies.

Jade board electric shock
Jade board electric shock

How to add skill points

Refer to the article: Details of the Lillia skill set – A shy flower bud.

  • Q: The staff is spinning – The wide area skill deals true damage at the edge and increases movement speed. Max first.
  • W: So what! – Lillia’s main damage skill, however, does not have any additional effects. You can max W before or after Q.
  • E: The seeds are rolling – Lillia’s remote control skill, not very special. Increase 1 point at the beginning of the game and maxed at last.
  • R: Abyss – One of the most annoying LOL ults with the ability to lull to sleep with an extremely wide aoe. Increase properly with level.

How to dress Lillia

Although Lillia looks weak and fragile, she was actually created by Riot in the sense that Gladiator deals damage. Therefore, when dressing Lillia one should go in the direction of half damage and half resistance that will bring into full play this girl’s strength.

Reference items: Mage’s Shoes, Hourglass, Cross Pendant, Mask of Threats, Martyrs Armor (Can be replaced by Spiritual Armor if the enemy is more magic damage)

Dress up 1

In addition, you can also completely play Lillia towards pure magic damage. However, please consider because compared to other gladiators, this girl is quite fragile.

Reference Items: Mage Shoes, Rylai Crystal Scepter, Witch Hat, Cross Chain, Nihilistic Staff.

Dress up 2

Above are the basic instructions on how to play for Lillia. Looking at her somewhat imba skill set will get us pretty excited. Both has true damage, both has bonus magic damage that controls wide area and passively deals damage according to max hp. However, how much Lillia’s true strength is, it will be a while before she is used a lot in the Arena of Justice before she can answer.

I wish you all success with Lillia and see you in the next posts!

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