Free Fire: Instructions on how to combine pets in each game mode


Free Fire is a survival shooter game (Battle Royal) born late, but brings a lot of new and creative things in gameplay. The pet system is one of them. It can be said that Free Fire is the only survival shooter game at the moment that has a pet system. In this article, will guide you how to combine pets in each game mode to suit and maximize their strength.


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Free Fire: Instructions on how to combine pets in each game mode

Pets in single player mode

For single players, Poring is an indispensable pet. Possessing an appearance like a sweet, cute candy, but Poring is extremely useful in solo battles. With your armor buff, you will live a lot longer. That means, you can hide to heal, run away, chase … that will save you from being wary of sneaking enemies. What’s more, the Poring effect is forever based on the level of the pet. So this is the wisest choice of gamers in single player mode.


Pets in two-person mode

In 2 player mode (dual), once again Poring is a good choice. However, besides that, Eagle pet is also very strong. The eagle’s special skill is to increase the rate of your parachute drop. This will be extremely frightening in the early game where the player with the eagle can fall down faster than many other players and get a weapon before them. If combined with Poring, this will be an extremely scary duo.


Pets in Squad mode

For group matches you should use Gloo and Robo or Detective Panda. Each of these pets has its own effects and provides the owner with additional viability. Robo, for example, will protect and shield you. Pandas will aid in healing each time you take down the target. Little by little, these tiny warriors will accompany and help you win the whole game against your teammates.


In addition to the above pets, you can completely use creative other pets, as long as it suits your own gameplay.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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