How to add new teammates in Campaigns of Legends

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In the Legendary Campaign players not only play a match with a certain teammate or invite friends to join, but the game also allows us to add more skilled teammates to the match to increase the odds of victory. So how can you equip more teammates in the Legendary Campaign game? The following article will guide you.

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However, it should be noted that players, who are teammates with special skills, will not “often” play or participate throughout the game, but only when certain conditions are met, new players. Can use this teammate.

Additional teammates in Campaigns of Legends

Step 1: You log into the game as usual, then choose the icon Team from the first interface.

Main interface

Step 2: Look below the extras, we see the box Teammates 2 is already open, tap on it to add new teammates.

Add teammates 2
The Teams 2 tile has been opened and ready for use

Step 3: Character window appears but no teammates in it, tap Next to Team to see the list available.

Into the team

Step 4: If there are many teammates in your list, they will be all displayed for us to choose from, but if there is only one, the default will be added automatically. Now just tap on their avatar and choose Change to add new is okay.

Select the teammates to use
Tap on the new character avatar then Change

Step 5: Announced successfully adding new teammates.


And instruct them to use them in battle.

User manual

Step 6: If you have the ingredients available, you can upgrade this new teammate to get better support from them.

Upgrade teammates to receive better support

Skillful teammates are appreciated and are much more valuable than normal teammates that the game gives users for the first time.

Successful upgrade

And during the game, we will see the interface is changed, two Team icon will appear. Only when the icon is next to teammate 2 glow to be able to use them, and also just touch that icon to be.

Use new teammates
When the symbol next to a teammate has a glowing skill, it can be used

The Legendary Campaign has just officially upgraded, and added a lot of new features and exciting competition, you can update the version available on your device to play or download and install. New place to experience.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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