League of Legends: Guide to playing Cassiopeia – How to become a strong Hyper-Carry

Cassiopeia of League of Legends is one of the great options for anyone who likes to do spells in the end of the game. Cassiopeia Skills quite flexible when launching in the top, middle and bottom lane.

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Guide to playing Cassiopeia in League of Legends

Build Cassiopeia

You can build Cassiopeia in 2 ways:

Conqueror – Conqueror: Most Korean gamers choose Conqueror, but this build is quite weak at the beginning of the game and requires the player to use all spells to ensure Conqueror appears at the right time. Select Defense Rune depending on the battle.

Conqueror Cassiopeia of League of Legends

Power up – Phase Rush: This is a great choice for Cassiopeia because she is relatively slow to move and is limited in the purchase of shoes. After some practice, you move on to Conqueror. Defense Rune will be selected according to the battle.

Phase Rush Cassiopeia of League of Legends

Build equipment: Her main equipment items are the Archangel Scepter, Rylai Crystal Staff, Slapstick and Hourglass. The last two items can be used flexibly according to the situation.

Build equipment Cassiopeia of League of Legends

Tips and tricks for using Cassiopeia in League of Legends

Noxious Blast and Twin Fang (Q + E)

You don’t have to wait for the target to be poisoned to use Twin Fang, as soon as Noxious Blast hits the target, use Twin Fang right away. It will still increase your damage and heal you. During Noxious Blast’s duration, you can cast Twin Fang on target affected 4 times.

But with a 20% cooldown reduction, you can hit enemies 5 times and take down weak targets in the early part of League of Legends game. In addition, Twin Fang’s amplification will remain the same if you attack opponents affected by poison from other champions (Singed, Twitch, Teemo).

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Combo with Flash

Flash – Petrifying Gaze is a weak combo that is used by many Cassiopeia players. If you know how to use it correctly, Petrifying Gaze – Flash is even faster than the old Flash – Petrifying Gaze. In many cases, the enemy will not be able to react, in addition, you can use this move out of the enemy’s line of sight. League of Legends also allows you to apply this combo from behind, creating a deadly path for enemies to sneak behind. Sharing many properties with Petrifying Gaze, Flash – Miasma is also faster than Miasma-Flash.


Miasma is strong thanks to its uniqueness. This is one of the reasons why people like Cassiopeia of League of Legends. When you attack an enemy with a Miasma, not even Flash can save them.

This is also a great way to start using combos. You can deceive the opponent by throwing the Miasma slightly behind the enemy (better still, hit the enemy). After that, the enemy will almost certainly move towards you. Now you just need to press the button Ultimate to attack them. If the opponent doesn’t want to go head-to-head and runs away, Miasma stays there and other combos attack them.

The enemy that did not meet Cassiopeia’s eyes was still stunned. Petrifying Gaze will knock enemies unconscious if their front half is tilted towards the snake goddess. If the enemy is still standing near a wall, the Miasma can lock them in the middle of the wall and release a ferocious snake inside.

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Petrifying Gaze

League of Legends champions like flying, but Cassiopeia is different. Suppose, the Miasma does not lock the enemy’s ability, rush means face, use Petrifying Gaze to turn off the cooldown, at this time, no enemy dares to confront you directly because if you do, they will pay the price by LP.

Cassiopeia and other friendly champions that can take down the enemy make a good fighting team. When the enemy is thrown back towards you in either direction, the Petrifying Gaze stuns them. If you try to press R Right before a certain move stuns or knocks you out, Petrifying Gaze remains in effect when facing the person who uses the attack.

How to play Cassiopeia in League of Legends

How to play Cassiopeia in League of Legends in stages

Early game

If the enemy army is ready to use their full strength at level 1, use Twin Fang – Auto Attack – Twin Fang until a very powerful Conqueror appears.

It’s much easier to crawl with Twin Fang and if done right, you won’t lose any mana. If the enemy’s health is a bit too much for Twin Fang to handle, an automatic attack before using Twin Fang is more effective.

Unlike minions, which block better, Twin Fang will not deal massive damage to targets that have not been poisoned. This is when you need to use Noxious Blast.

Like most other blood-spotting abilities in League of Legends, Noxious Blast is easier to defeat enemy champions when they’re trying the final blow, keep an eye on the blood of friendly minions, and Noxious Blast – Twin Fang will tear your enemies apart.

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Between game

Now that you have the mana you need, use the strongest combo: Q – Infinite E. If 5 enemies are still not dead and try to run to the top position, Miasma will block them, then press E.

When Twin Fang reaches its maximum level, you will become a queen of damage.

Late game

Despite being extremely powerful at the moment, remember, you are not a “nuclear weapon” but you are a good marksman. Every second of your life in the team, you are a threat that every enemy easily sees.

The above is skills and how to use Cassiopeia in League of Legends for effective combat. Hope the article is useful to you.

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