How to effectively team up in Free Fire Squad Mode

Cooperate with randomly matched teams in Free Fire never been easy. Here’s how to fight effectively with teammates in Free Fire Squad Mode.

Combat Tips in Free Fire

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Squad Mode can be said to be the main game mode in most battle royale games like Free Fire. However, not everyone has enough friends to form a team, so it has to be randomly matched with players Free Fire other in the world.

Effectively dealing with strangers can be difficult, especially when they can’t have a face-to-face conversation. This article will give you some tips for effective combat cooperation with randomly matched teammates in Free Fire.

How to effectively team up in Free Fire Squad Mode

Focus on defense

Focus on defense in Free Fire

The lack of means of communication when playing Squad Mode in Free Fire makes attacking difficult. Therefore, it is best to choose a defensive play. Be patient, stick together, and camp in a safe place while observing each other’s blind spots. If someone leaves the formation, another player should follow to assist.

Important bait. Send one person to act as usual, while the others wait to ambush.

Understand each other’s skills and spy on the enemy

Understand the enemy

Try to capture and remember the skills of every team member to build the best strategy. For example, Chrono users have the advantage of melee combat with weapons like shotguns without having to deal with multiple opponents. You can assist him with AR to finish off enemies when they try to run out of range.

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Always stick to the plan

Always stick to the plan in Free Fire

In Squad Mode in Free Fire, when your teammates fight, you have to support, especially when they are randomly combined by Free Fire into your team. It’s not really a good idea but it’s still better than letting them die alone. Choose a team leader. Best of all to stick to the plan given, even if it’s nothing special.

Don’t forget to cycle to another area


At lower ranks, most of the time, players will stay where they first appeared. The higher the rank, the more likely you are to be penalized for not moving fast enough. So try to move to another location if nothing happens for a while.

Use a sniper rifle to control an area

Use a sniper rifle in Free Fire

AWM and other sniper rifles in Free Fire extremely strong when fighting solo. It takes quite a bit of exchange and cooperation to fight a sniper. Neither of these factors exist in a solo match. If you want to shoot at a far angle in the first place, do it with a sniper rifle.

Here are some tips for cooperating with random teammates in Free Fire’s Squad Mode. Hope the article is useful to you.

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