League of Legends: An overview of Rell – The steel knight, a very strong support hero

153th general of League of Legends – Rell has officially appeared in the preseason 2021. Let’s find out an overview of Rell’s biography and skill set in the following article.

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League of Legends: An overview of Rell – The steel knight, a very strong support hero

Rell’s profile

Born as a member of the Black Rose Society, Rell’s childhood was a time of misery and horror, enduring indescribable physical and spiritual pain to weaponize her power. Her magic control over metal. Rell endured it all, until she got out of Noxus’s dungeon and chains. Considered criminals, Rell attacks Noxus soldiers while she searches for survivors in her old “academy”, protecting the meek while inflicting merciless death on those who tortured her. tons of her.


Is the person who possesses magical power to manipulate extremely terrible metal named: Black Metal Arts, Rell itself is the ultimate weapon Noxus forged. But now, that weapon turned against dictators who manipulated and used her with evil intentions. With the power to manipulate metal, Rell is able to manipulate and tear apart any enemy armor, then finish off them with her spear.

Rell’s skill set

Passive: Break the mold

Rell’s attack will be slowed, but in return it steals the target’s Armor and Magic Resist stats for a period of time. Additionally, enemies will also take damage based on the defense steals Rell steals. She can also steal armor and magic resist from many enemies.

Chieu Q: Radical stimulation

Rell thrusts his spear forward, breaking the shield instantly, while damaging all enemies hit (damage reduced after the first target). If there is an enemy champion tied with E: Magnetic bonding, healing Rell and co.

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Skill W: Black metal magic

W attack has 2 parts.

Form 1: Can only be used while riding. Rell jumps into the sky and turns his mount into armor, enemies in the jumping position will be knocked to increase their stamina but have reduced movement speed.

Form 2: Can only be used while armored. Rell turns the shield into a mount, sharply increasing movement speed for a moment, and the next attack will knock enemies behind.

Strategy E: Coherence of magnetic fields

Rell forms a magical bond with an ally, increasing their armor and magic resist.When reactivated, the link is broken, and stuns nearby enemies and between her and her ally.

Last move: Amazing attraction

Rell uses the power of the magnetic field, creating a force field that pulls all surrounding enemies to follow Rell for a period of time. This skill does not disable the enemy’s actions.

So you have seen the biography as well as the skill set of Rell – The Steel Knight. Let’s look forward to and experience this “super buffalo” tanker!

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