League of Legends: 2018 revenue dropped the most since 2014

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Riot Games and its pet are showing signs of being out of breath when their revenue suddenly dropped heavily during the past 4 years.

According to reports from the statistics company, League of Legends is having a very bad year with the biggest drop in revenue in the past four years.

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In the company’s early year reports in August 2018, there was a surprise that the world’s leading MOBA game developed by Riot Games is showing signs of serious revenue decline, up to 21 % compared to last year. Despite this, League of Legends’ revenue is still the 3rd highest in the top 10 highest-earning PC games in the world.

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League of Legends this year was surpassed by Dungeon Fighter Online – a PC game developed by Nexon that has a huge player base in Korea and World of Warcraft – a long-standing title that has skyrocketed in sales after when the latest expansion is released.

In this ranking we can also see something interesting that Fortnite is only 7th in the PC grossing chart while it is at the top of the Console chart. The mobile version of Fortnite also made a splash when it reached $ 100 million in revenue in just 90 days of launch, but until now it has broken out of the top 10 highest grossing mobile games.

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Returning to League of Legends, many people are still optimistic when they think that Riot can still make a spectacular comeback with the upcoming World Championship from October 1. Worlds also means that there will be a lot of exciting items on sale, including new skins, emotes, and other rewards.

Riot Games also recently signed a long-term partnership with Mastercard for its upcoming international events. This will definitely boost the longevity of the series as well as the game in general.

Surprised by the number of games owned by giant Tencent Games

According to Emergenceingame.Com

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