CSGO: Flusha shares the reason for breaking up with Fnatic after nearly 5 years of working together

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Robin”flusha” Rönnquist recently left his hometown team Fnatic, the organization he has been with for the past four and a half years. During this time period, the title-winning Swede is one of the CS:GO players with the most Major titles, along with Fnatic teammate Jesper “JW” Wecksell, for a total of three Major championships. . Two of those took place next to each other, becoming the first team to do so, as well as one of only 10 professional CS:GO players to ever achieve the feat.

- Emergenceingame

Recently, after he left the organization that is considered a second home, many fans and the community were sad about his departure. To clarify his decision to leave Fnatic, flusha posted on Twitlonger, where he describes what happened before his departure, as well as the reasons for making this important decision:

After being unhappy with what was going on in fnatic for a while, I decided to choose a different direction, not only with CSGO but also try living in another country, another continent. The main reasons for this are so that I can focus only on CS and myself, to see if I can play at a high level again and what my feelings about the game are now, I created The past few months have been negative with fnatic and I would like to apologize to jw, krimz, draken, xizt and jumpy for my behavior. I found two of the best friends and teammates I’ve played with, JW and krimz. I hope we will meet in the game in the future.

Fnatic has always been the perfect organization to play against, they never let me down and always support the team, whatever decision we make. I am very pleased with everything the organization has given us and the support they have given us.

Having been with Cloud9 for a few days, I feel my motivation has returned and I am starting to enjoy myself again. I loved the atmosphere on the team and cloud9 management helped me with some of my needs.

I’m very excited about the future and hope to be able to put cloud9 back on the winning track.

Robin “flusha” Rönnquist

Flusha is now moving to the US and represents the North American organization Cloud9. With new motivation and the release of negative thoughts, flusha is looking to create good results with new teammates in the near future.

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