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The Three Kingdoms 94 strategy mobile game officially launched today, November 14, players will become the princesses leading the army to expand the territory, conquer the land, do not forget to receive the Code of the Three Kingdoms 94 before participating in the experience.

With beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay, strategy game Three Kingdoms 94 will surely attract a large number of players right after opening. The publisher Funtap commits that the Three Kingdoms 94 game still sticks to the traditional Three Kingdoms, upholding the ability to array, fight, and change for you to easily win.

Three Kingdoms Code 94

Game Three Kingdoms on mobile

Code Newbie Three Kingdoms 94


How to get Code Three Kingdoms 94

Code Three Kingdoms 94 provides a lot of herbs, copper and zither for gamers, making the game experience easier and more convenient than ever. If you are looking for a way to get Code Three Kingdoms 94, this is the place that you cannot miss.

Event 1: Accept Giftcode Three Kingdoms 94
– Reward: Grassroots x50000 + Bronze x50000 + Dan cavalry training x50.
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Watch the trailer to receive Code Three Kingdoms 94
– Reward: Red Hero Shard x10 + Bronze x50000 + Troop Level Up Gift x10.
– Link to join: Event 2

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Event 3: Dot Landing to receive Code Three Kingdoms 94
– Reward: Red General Piece of Dieu Boat*10 + Operation Essentials*5 + Secret of the Army Operation volume 1*1.
– Link to join: Event 3

Event 4: Looking forward to the launch schedule to receive Code Three Kingdoms 94
– Reward: Red Champion Shard*10 + Luong Thao*30000 + KNB*200
– Link to join: Event 4

Since Three Kingdoms 94 is a game product of Funtap, you can receive gift codes by accessing and participating in events on the GiftCode page of NPH. here

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Instructions for entering Code Three Kingdoms 94

Step 1: First visit the page to enter Code Three Kingdoms 94 here and login game account.

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Step 2: Item selection Redeem GiftCode, choose server, Character’s name you are playing, enter Code Three Kingdoms 94 and click Redeem Giftcode.

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Step 3: Return to the main interface of the game, select item Mailbox and get rewards from Code Three Kingdoms 94.

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Each type of Code Three Kingdoms 94 1 account can only be used 1 time, characters in different servers in the same account cannot use Giftcode that has been used. That’s why you need to create a new account if you want to play another server.

After a period of waiting, players can finally experience League of Legends, many super valuable gifts are waiting and this is an opportunity that can’t be better, Code of Union Army Defense including diamonds, high generals spinning cards and especially you have the opportunity to receive General Xiang Yu.

Link download game Three Kingdoms 94

With 5 separate skill systems, many generals and different types of troops, Three Kingdoms 94 players can create strategies and compete with other players, demonstrating their level of combat ability. Dear
– Link to download Android version: Three Kingdoms 94 for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Three Kingdoms 94 for iPhone

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