How to get The Messenger game on Epic Games for free

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This week you can get The Messenger game for free, a game developed and published based on the 2D gaming platform. You have to go through fierce battles with a completely different style than today’s action games.

If you’re looking to expand your game collection, then you probably have to visit the Epic Games Store. To fulfill its promise, this week players will receive free action game called The Messenger, completely new adventures.

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The perfect combination of 8bit and 16bit on PC

Instructions to get The Messenger for free on Epic Games

Step 1: First you need to have an account Epic Games Store, if not, please follow the instructions below to register.
– Tutorial Register for an Epic Games account here.

Step 2: After registration is complete, you proceed Log in to your account here, right on their homepage to get Free 2D game The Messenger.

Step 3: Sign in is complete, you scroll down to find the item Free Game Every Week (weekly free game) and click Free Now in The Messenger banner as shown below.

The messenger for free on epic games

Step 4: At the main game interface, click the . button Get to start the process of getting The Messenger game for free on the Epic Games Store. The game is released for free from November 14 until the end of November 21.

How to get the messenger to play the messenger game on epic games 2

With an account of Epic Games Store you can get many other free games besides The Messenger, the implementation is very simple, you just need to log in to your account and get free games on Epic Games Store done. Happy new year readers.

Link download game The Messenger

To participate in the adventure of the postal journey you can download and install the game according to the link below.
– Link to download PC version: The Messenger for PC

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