Free Fire: Guide to play the new Chrono character

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The chronograph of Chrono will change the way people play Free Fire. This skill can be difficult for long-range snipers. Chrono is scheduled to be released on December 19.

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Garena Free Fire There will be a new character named Chrono in this December update … Chrono’s skills and stats are generally quite strong and balanced. The article will provide you with all information about Chrono in Free Fire.

Free Fire’s Time Turner skill

Character creation Chrono in Free Fire

When you activate Time Turner, it creates a force field that blocks 500 damage from enemies and increases the player’s movement speed inside the Force Field for 10 seconds. Skill bonus movement speed and cooldown increase with level. You can shoot enemies from within bubbles. Note, the bubble will stand still.

  • Level 1: Increases movement speed by 15%. CD 55s.
  • Level 2: 20% increased movement speed. CD 54s.
  • Level 3: Increases movement speed by 25%. CD 52s.
  • Level 4: Increases movement speed by 30%. CD 49s.
  • Level 5: 35% movement speed increase. CD 45s.
  • Level 6: 40% movement speed increase. CD 40s.

Movement speed rewards spawned from multiple non-stacked bubbles.

How to use Chrono’s skills in Free Fire

How to use the character Chrono skills in Free Fire

The corresponding 500 damage increases your character’s HP by x3 – along with the huge reward for movement speed, your combat skills are almost invincible with Chrono. Easy to see. The cooldown is quite low, plus Chrono’s speed boost is 3 times that of Alok.

What are the highlights here? Unlike Alok’s Drop the beat, Bubble doesn’t follow Chrono while he’s on the move so even with his stats it is almost useless. Overall, this is the ultimate counterattack skill – you can take it down immediately after the enemy starts shooting at you and counterattack – no one can get past that 500 HP wall. However, the Bubble does not block the movement – enemies can easily pass through it.

In 10 seconds, you can put your teammates on the field and revive them … or use potions that heal themselves.

Chrono is scheduled to be released on December 19, 2020
Chrono is scheduled to be released on December 19, 2020

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