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PUBG Mobile eliminates the gaming advantage with a keyboard and mouse

There is one disadvantage among gamers PUBG Mobile When nowadays, many players started using emulated keyboard and mouse on PC instead of controlling the game with true mobile screen. This has made gamers who control games by phone feel dissatisfied, because those who play PUBG Mobile with the keyboard will have a pretty big advantage when facing players with mobile phones.

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With a clear keyboard and mouse, we all find that game controls will be faster, manipulate more accurately and much easier to put the Top 1 in the game on our hands, to balance that between gamers. Tencent has officially updated the new version of PUBG Mobile, this version will detect all players using Android emulator on PC and bring these gamers together.

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This will help PUBG Mobile both keep the players and ensure those who use the Android emulator when participating in PUBG Mobile, with this update of PUBG Mobile, the players use the Android emulator on PC when Access to the game will be detected and will be sent a message “Emulator detected. You will only be paired with players using emulators”. This notice says that, these The emulator has been detected and can only join players using the emulator software.

PUBG Mobile

Not all gamers have the conditions to use the keyboard and mouse when playing PUBG Mobile using an emulator to give their advantage from the beginning. So this PUBG Mobile classification is completely reasonable, hoping that in the future, PUBG Mobile will develop to balance the environment in the game more and more attractive thanks to significant changes from the developer.

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For those of you who do not know, PUBG Mobile will bring gamers to the island with 100 people, each player will land in a certain area on the map.

The only task is to become the last survivor by fighting, collecting items, hiding and defeating every opponent seen, PUBG Mobile’s map will litter a lot of items, weapons for you. Collection and use, along with a “death circle” over time will force all players to keep on the move. You can download PUBG Mobile via the download button below.

PUBG Mobile for iOS PUBG Mobile for Android

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