Dodge super moves like Faker with minigame LOL Dodge Game

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LOL Dodge Game is a free mini game to play on the web browser. LOL Dodge Game by a “crazy fan” of League of Legends developed to entertain gamers after hours of stress climbing, and have the opportunity to improve LOL related skills such as dodging, flying kites, last hit, etc.

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The small exercises of LOL Dodge Game has accidentally become one of the great “textbooks” for gamers who are starting to play League of Legends. One of the more important reasons for LOL Dodge Game to receive attention from the LOL gaming community is that the king of SKT T1 – Faker also spent a lot of time improving his dodging skills like his hack. here.

Choose skills to play LOL Dodge Game
Choose skills to play LOL Dodge Game

The gameplay of the game LOL Dodge Game Quite simply, you just need to right-click so that the hero will automatically move in the direction you point. In dangerous situations gamers can use the F button to speed up.

Skillshot Game (Skill Orientation)

Choose one of two generals: Ezreal and Xerath. We will use skills that are simulated from the original to defeat our opponents.

Skills in the game LOL Dodge Game
Skills in the game LOL Dodge Game

Dodge Game (Practice dodging skills)

We will practice our quick reflexes with dodging everything that is constantly being thrown. You will have privileged access to the renowned W skills and Teemo.

Kiting Game (Hit and Run)

The kite flying skill, also known as the Hit and Run skill, will help you get used to optimizing the amount of damage when attacking.

Minigame LOL Dodge Game
Minigame LOL Dodge Game

Farming Game (Last hit soldier)

Soldier farming is a skill that whether you are a novice or a long-time gamer still needs to practice. We’ll focus on our observations to minimize miss minions as much as possible.

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