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When the player reaches level 70 in Laplace M, the system automatically unlocks some new functions and mission maps. Players can earn high-level items, equip Cavalry by participating in the extremely attractive Laplace M Aerial Street quest.

At 13:30 from Monday to Sunday, Laplace Windy Land USA appeared more Sky Street quest map for all gamers. When participating players need to complete some tasks such as kill monsters, transport chests, PvP, PvE … get handsome rewards.

there is no place to be on the street

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Instructions for completing the quest Laplace Aerial Street USA

How to participate in activities, quests Laplace Aerial Street USA

Start the game Laplace M on your mobile device or tablet, select Kingdom => Street in the Sky => Into the Battlefield as shown below.

– Link to download Android version: Laplace M for Android
– Link to download iPhone version: Laplace M for iPhone

the direction of the street is not laplace m 2

Laplace Aerial Street Quest USA

1.Destroy the Boss
The first task you need to do is to destroy the Boss, with each server, your location is different.

there is no place to be in the center of the city 3

Starting location at Laplace US servers

In the mission map, there will be monsters and Boss locations, killing them will get 5 points each. Upon completion you are asked to do the next mission transporting the Troop chest.

there is no place to live on the street 4

Boss appearance on the map

2.The mission of transporting the Troop chest
The location of the Troop chest will be located within the enemy faction, the player needs to move to the enemy base and fight to steal the Troop chest to complete the mission. Mooic days can receive bonus points through the delivery of Troop chests.

there is no place to live on the street 5

3.Destroy the Enemy Military Vehicle
On the enemy side there is a special carriage to carry supplies and they move non-stop, you must destroy it at least 1 time to complete the mission. Remember, when entering the center of the enemy base, the Defense Tower immediately attacks making it harder for you to move in.

the direction of the street is not laplace m 6

4.Destroy the Tuong Quan Nhu enemy
General Nhu will appear at 18:40 every day, killing enemy Nhu General has a chance to receive Life Crystals and Golden Armor.
When you have completed all the Laplace M Aerial Street quests, you will receive Honor points, which can be used to pair high-level items or equipment for Combat Skills. Hopefully the article will help you explore Laplace M Windy Area more effectively. In addition, you can refer to how to use the Laplace Magical Tempering pot works here and also don’t forget that you can too play Laplace M on computer Please.

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