Knives Out is now free to fight underwater

In the previous original map, many players were often quite scared if they fell into the water, because the risk of being attacked by enemies on the shore was very high. Although diving mode can help you hide your movements, but if found, your game over is quite high and cannot counterattack. However, in the recent April update, with the added underwater combat mechanism, you no longer have to worry about the above problem, but now you can freely fight even when underwater.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Accordingly, special guns for underwater use are also added to match, which can be named such as ADS, APS. These three weapons are placed near the shore, so when the player gets to the shore, they can immediately use the weapons to attack the enemy. With weapons on land, it is impossible to fight underwater, so these 3 weapons were born to do that. However, you can still use it as usual on land.




Only a few days left Knives Out will update with a new update with the promise of many new features, let’s wait and see what shocks NetEase will bring you this April.​

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