Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Premiere

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By using Adobe Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts to manipulate and edit videos faster and easier, instead of using the mouse to switch scenes or open editing tools.

Similar to other video editing software, Adobe Premiere also integrated a series of shortcuts to help users manipulate and use the software easier. Refer to the following article of to learn more about Adobe Premiere shortcuts.

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List of Adobe Premier keyboard shortcuts

Summary of Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts to work with Adobe Premiere Pro quickly and easily:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts to select tools

– Shift + H: Open the Hover Scrub tool.
– P key: Open the Pen Tool.
– O key: Open the Rotation Tool.
– V key: Open the Selection Tool.
– Control + Page Up: open List View.
– Shift + O: Open Source Monitor.

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2. Adobe Premiere Video Editor Shortcuts

– DRAW key: play videos.
– CHEAP keys: rewind the scene in the video.
– SHOW key: stop the video.
– Key A: make sound.
– Control + Alt + T: sound on/off.
– F5 key: Footage editor.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the timeline

– Spacebar key: QuickList.
– Shift + K: Play videos.
– Alt + = : volume up.
– Alt + – : turn down the volume.
– Control + ERROR: loop.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro shortcut on/off tool

– Shift + : toggle Project Panel Review on and off.
– Control + Alt + 0: Turn off Source Video.
– Control + Alt + 9: Turn off Source Video.
– Ctrl + `: full screen mode on and off.
– Shift + 0: toggle Multi-Camera View on and off.
– Shift + S: toggle Audio Scrubber on and off.

If you do not have Adobe Premiere Pro, you can download it here

=> Link to download Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows
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If you do not know how to install Adobe Premiere Pro, you can refer to the instructions here and follow.

See also: Instructions for installing Adobe Premiere Pro 32bit/64bit
The above article has just introduced you to a list of Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts. In addition, if you have any questions or questions that need to be answered, readers can leave their comments in the comment section below the article.

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