Game Blade & Soul game tips for beginners

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Blade & Soul belongs to the online role-playing game genre, with sword style from Korea, officially opens the trial version from August 28 and opens officially on September 2. From now on, join the guild, learn the features for the best start.

Some tips for new Blade & Soul beginners

Focus on upgrading weapons

The weapon is an indispensable item for every gamer, the higher the level, the stronger the weapon. Some weapons maximize the damage when fighting bosses, others help improve survivability on the battlefield. Depending on the type of weapon, their strength differs. Therefore, you need to focus on maximizing the power of the weapon to bring high efficiency in combat.

Weapon upgrades

Trades at level 15

When entering the game, you find you lacking everything, but you cannot buy it yet. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on upgrading characters to level 15 to be able to go to the Market to buy, sell, and exchange items. The market is accessible in any area of ​​the game, which is also the main revenue driver for you.

Trading market

Use the key properly

When you first play, you are given the keys, free sealing spells to assist in opening and sealing chests of weapons and soul shields. However, the number of donations is limited, and they are extremely expensive, so you need to use them sparingly, to save for later.

Use the Soul Guardian set

Souls are small triangles that can be attached to the character to increase the character’s stats. Each set will have 8 pieces to put together a complete set. Depending on the font color of the soul piece, the strength they bring will be different:

  • White: The lowest level.
  • Green: Normal.
  • Blue: Pretty good.
  • Purple: Very good, recommended.
  • Orange: Legendary, best and preferred.

Soul protection

Be careful when choosing an outfit

Costumes not only have a beauty effect, but also increase defense and attack stats. Costumes belong to opposing factions, when worn can attack each other, so care should be taken when choosing the outfit to wear on.

Choose your outfit

The fate cycle

The fateful rotation gives you more opportunities to own advanced weapons, through the collection of essences. To collect essence you must fight the Boss area. The first boss area players have to deal with is Cuong Thi Thien Linh, they are very strong so you need to be careful when challenging.

Boss area

Separation of weapons

When unused soul shields and weapons are not sold to the NPCs. Because selling like that is very cheap, too wasteful, please click on the item, choose Separation. After splitting you will receive more useful items.

Switch channels

Blade & Soul allows players to switch between channels in each Server, to limit lag caused by crowded people. This is quite useful when fighting a Boss, there are several Bosses that are summoned over time in a certain area. At that time, a lot of people will gather and wait to defeat the Boss. Now take advantage of the channel switching feature.

Switch channels

Achieve achievements

Blade & Soul provides a list of achievements to achieve. You need to check a list, if any achievements are easy to do to increase your stats.

Besides, you need to find out terminology used, gaming shortcuts as well how to collect terrible weapons to get ready to welcome the official version on September 2.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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