KartRider Rush+ Tips for Beginners

Cách chơi KartRider Rush+

KartRider Rush+ is a fun racing game on mobile that you definitely should not miss. Here are how to play KartRider Rush+ for beginners.

How to play KartRider Rush+

If you are looking for a racing game similar to Mario Kart Tour, KartRider Rush+ will probably be your next favorite mobile game. Shaped by Nexon, the studio behind MapleStory M, Overhit, AxE, the game promises to bring you an unforgettable entertainment experience.

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Basic KartRider Rush+ gameplay

As mentioned at the beginning, KartRider Rush+ is a multiplayer racing game. It includes 4 different modes. In particular, you can participate in the competition in both online and offline modes.

First, you have to choose a character, be it female or male. When the race starts, you will see more opponents right next to you. The main goal of the game is very simple. That is to win every race. KartRider Rush+ offers two special features: Turbo and Drift. You should use them in emergency situations. In addition, you can customize character skills to increase your chances of winning.

KartRider Rush+ . game mode

Game Mode in KartRider Rush+

If you’re new to KartRider Rush+, you should start in the Time Trials practice mode to get the hang of it. After completing the exercises well, choose one of the following 4 main KartRider Rush+ modes:

  • Story Mode: Story mode with lots of exciting adventures added regularly. When you choose this mode, you not only need to complete the race, but also follow the journey of the character who loves to solve other people’s problems. You will face and need to defeat many enemies.
  • Speed ​​Race Mode: Do you like speed races? This mode will put you on the track where you have to use skillful drift skills to avoid hitting the wall. Turbo plays an important role in this mode. Therefore, you should understand how to use the two features Drift and Turbo.
  • Arcade Mode: This mode is similar to Speed ​​Race but flexible in lap time. The track in this mode is a bit different. You don’t need to Drift more than once.
  • Ranked Mode: You can play this mode with your friends, challenge each other to win trophies and achieve high rankings on the leaderboard.

Tips to play KartRider Rush+ quickly to get to the top 1

Skill enhancement in KartRider Rush+’s Training Camp

At the start of your racing career in KartRider Rush+, you’ll be taken to a mandatory tutorial mode to understand the basic gameplay. However, if you enter the multiplayer mode right after completing the tutorial, you will easily be the last to finish. You still need to learn more skills. Therefore, come Training Camp to improve the racing skills needed in KartRider Rush+.

Training Camp in KartRider Rush+

After perfecting your skills in Training Camp, take some licensing tests. Each time you pass a test, you will get a license and be able to race on a new map in Speed ​​Race Mode. The first time you play KartRider Rush+, try to win Speed ​​Races and get all the licenses for a chance to conquer the highest level.

Adjust racer/pet combination

Different from other kart racing games, each vehicle, racer and pet has its own characteristics, giving it a better advantage in certain situations. So, before entering a Speed ​​Race, check out kart, racer and pet combinations to make sure you have the optimal choice for that lap.

Pets in KartRider Rush+

For example, if you’re playing Item Races, you’ll want to use Skelemech. If playing Speed ​​Races, Marathon might be a better choice.

Note, sometimes racers and pets are only temporary, use them before they expire.

Join the club and make friends in KartRider Rush+

By tapping the social network icon at the bottom of the screen, you can add friends and accept their friend requests. You can also mark 3 people as best friends.

Join the club in KartRider Rush+

Another great feature of the Social menu is the Mentorship program. Players with at least Gold III or higher in Ranked Mode can enroll and become a kart racing coach. Or you can touch the . button Mentor Me to become an apprentice. They will help you upgrade skills, and get many Mentorship perks.

KartRider Rush+ offers more rewards for apprentices than coaches. For example, find a Mentor, race with them and complete 2 Time Trial Races. You can then use some of the rewards to level up Mentor.

Club – Clubs are also a great social feature of KartRider Rush+. Although you can create your own club, join an existing and active club first. You will see a club’s activity by viewing their weekly activity score.

You can earn rewards by participating in exclusive club-only quests. Expand social relations by exchanging and helping members.

Other KartRider Rush+ Tips

  • Use the right boosters
  • Complete quests regularly
  • Actively participate in daily tasks

Above is KartRider Rush+ guide for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you.

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