How to build general Ahri in Wild Rift League

General Ahri’s role in Wild Rift Alliance is a Mage and Assassin, usually played in the mid lane. Ahri has the ability to deal great damage thanks to her skill set and moves, especially her ultimate. Here are the details of how to build items, skill sets, how to play generals Ahri Wild Rift.

Ahri is one of the mid lane generals chosen by many players thanks to a simple but effective skill set, capable of causing explosive damage effects as well as the ability to eliminate adverse effects that the target causes. Upon reaching level 6, Ahri can use her ultimate, Spirit Rush, to fire lightning bolts that damage nearby targets.

how to do it for ahri in the toc chien alliance

Guide for Ahri in Wild Rift

How to build Ahri generals in Wild Rift League

I. Outfit for General Ahri Wild Rift

1. Luden’s Echo (Luden’s Echo)
With the first item, you can choose Luden’s Echo (Luden’s Echo) to gain 80 more ability power, 10% cooldown, and 300 Mana, helping Ahri last longer in the early game. In addition, the passive gives Ahri 100 more ability power when reaching 100 stacks.

2. Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Ionian Boots of Lucidity increase Ahri’s cooldown by 10%.

3. Awakened Soulstealer
Since Ahri’s ultimate cooldown is quite long, so you can equip Awakened Soulstealer. This item reduces the ultimate cooldown by 3%, up to 15% at 5 stacks.

how to build ahri in toc chien alliance

4. Morellonomicon (Devil of Morello)
Morellonomicon (Devil of Morello) adds 70 magic power and 300 HP, making Ahri stronger. Morellonomicon’s passive has the ability to apply the effect of Deep Wounds (Grievous Wounds), reducing the healing ability of enemy champions.

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5. Rabadon’s Deathcap
Although Rabadon’s Deathcap (Rabadon Witch Hat) is quite expensive, in return this item gives Ahri 130 extra ability power, not to mention the passive that adds 40% ability power. With this equipment, even the opponent’s Tank general can hardly block Ahri’s attacks.

6. Void Staff
The Void Staff adds 70 ability power and the passive grants 40% more spell penetration. This item is used in the late game, when enemy Tanks are equipped with magic resistance items, capable of blocking the damage you deal.

7. Shoe upgrade
As a Mage, Ahri is easy to be noticed by Assassins like Master Yi or Zed. By upgrading the Stasis Enchant shoe, Ahri becomes invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

II. Gem board for Ahri Wild Rift

1. Electrocute (Electric Shock)
When played as a Mage, Ahri relies heavily on explosive damage effects to take down her target as quickly as possible. So you can equip Electrocute as the main rune for Ahri.

By hitting 3 times in a row with basic attack or magic power can deal 30 – 184 damage (depending on level) to the target (40% physical damage and 25% ability power) .

2. Brutal (Cruel)
In terms of overpowering runes, you can choose Brutal to gain 14 extra magic power and 2% magic resistance.

the way is done by ahri toc chien

3. Regeneration
The Regeneration Gem helps Ahri maintain her strength. Passive allows Ahri to restore 2% of her missing health or Mana every 3 seconds (whichever percentage is lower).

4. Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band is the last rune that you can equip Ahri, to increase Mana by 30 (max 300) each time Ahri attacks an enemy champion.

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III. Summoner spell for general Ahri Wild Rift

1. Flash Spell (Flash)
This summoner spell is cast when Ahri chases or tries to run away from an enemy, cooldown 150 seconds.

grind ahri in the alliance toc chien

2. Summoner Spell Ignite (Ignite)
Use this summoner in hand-to-hand combat, when the target’s HP is low, dealing 60 – 412 damage (depending on level) over 5 seconds and finishing the opponent while hiding from the fight.

IV. General skill Ahri Wild Rift

* Passive: Essence Theft

Gain stacks when Ahri’s skills hit the target. At 3 stacks, Ahri’s next spell that hits an enemy heals 30 + 45% Ability Power.

* Skill 1: Orb of Deception (Magic Orb)

Launches an orb that deals 40 magic damage (40 + 35% AP) on the way and 40 real damage (40 + 35% AP) on return.

– Cooldown: 7 seconds.

– Mana: 65.

* Skill 2: Fox-Fire (Fox Fire)

Fires 3 fox flames to find nearby enemies and deals 40 magic damage, increasing Ahri’s movement speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

Targets hit by multiple fox flames take 30% damage from the 2nd flame onwards. Use this move when the target is hit by Ahri or hit by Wind Kiss.

– Cooldown: 9 seconds.

– Mana: 50.

* Skill 3: Charm (Wind Kiss)

Blowing a kiss deals 60 magic damage and lures the hit target back to Ahri for 1.4 seconds.

In addition, the target hit by this ability will take 20% more damage from Ahri’s skills for 5 seconds.

– Cooldown: 12 seconds.

– Mana: 85.

* Ultimate move: Spirit Rush

Dash forward and deal 60 magic damage (60 + 35% AP) to 3 nearby targets, can be cast up to 3 times in 10 seconds before cooldown.

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– Cooldown: 90.

– Mana: 100.

how to build ahri in lmht toc chien

– Here is the basic skill set of General Ahri Wild Rift:
Spirit Rush (Ultimate) => Charm (3) => Orb Deception (1) => Spirit Rush (Ultimate) => Fox-Fire (2) => Spirit Rush (Ultimate)

V. Combo skills, how to play Ahri Wild Rift

– Use 3 Charm to start, before launching other moves and skills.
– During the laning phase, just use basic attacks, avoid indiscriminate use of skills to farm minions, this can drain Ahri’s Mana quickly.

build do for ahri in speed

– Use the ultimate Spirit Rush to maintain distance in skirmishes.
Above are the details of how to build and build General Ahri in the Wild Rift Alliance. Do you know how to build your champion to play more passionate?

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