Tips to earn gold in Hay Day game

Hay Day is one of the farm games with simple and interesting gameplay. In the game Hay Day, the player’s task is to plant trees, raise livestock, sell items, agricultural products to earn experience points, gold coins and level up fast. The following article will share with you some tips, how to earn gold in Hay Day game.

By earning and collecting enough gold coins, you can expand your farm and level up quickly. Many How to earn gold game Hay Day game.

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Instructions to earn gold in the game Hay Day

Tips to earn gold in Hay Day game

1. Sales at roadside shops
The fastest way to earn gold in Hay Day game is to sell your agricultural products in roadside shops to other players. Also don’t forget to choose the selling price for your items, and don’t forget the recipe, items that take longer to produce will sell for a higher price (such as cheese or pumpkin) and vice versa. Goods that take less time sell for a lower price (like wheat).

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2. Advertise items
Hay Day allows players to advertise their items for free, once every 5 minutes. By advertising your items will show up in the catalogs of all other players. However, a small note is to choose high-value items to attract other players to your farm more.

Also it would be better to ask for help with some orders before promoting your store. Players who visit your farm will have the option of giving away items for orders, allowing you to earn more gold coins.

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The fastest way to earn money in a good day game

3. Upgrade items
By adding stars to your machines gives you a chance to get some diamonds. Besides, some machines have an option that allows players to earn more money, namely adding 10% to the price of orders produced from that equipment.

4. Check and prioritize high value orders
In addition to selling at roadside shops, completing orders also helps you earn quite a bit of gold. In particular, orders from ships and trucks are often higher in value, so you should prioritize completing these orders first.

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Above has just shared with you some tips for making money in Hay Day game.

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