Just released for 1 year, Minecraft Earth closed in regret

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In 2019, Microsoft tried hard Minecraft Earth – a project mobile games virtual reality in the style of Pokemon Go and officially launched the game to the gaming community in November. However, just over a year after its launch, the developer announced the closure of this game.​


Whereby Minecraft Earth will be shut down in June 2021, all player data will be deleted shortly thereafter. The game works based on the cooperation mechanism between players and free movement, two things that are almost impossible to do in the context of the current global pandemic. This is also the reason why the developer decided to move resources to Minecraft and end support for Minecraft Earth.

The development team is working on a patch to remove all purchases in Minecraft Earth and make in-game mechanics easier and faster, helping players get the most out of the time they have left. with the game title. Players who have spent money in the game will be given Minecraft Bedrock for free. Meanwhile, gamers who have not used up all the ruby ​​in Minecraft Earth will receive Minecoins to use in Minecraft.​


There is a similar operating mechanism to Pokemon Go, but unfortunately, Minecraft Earth does not have a happy ending like its predecessor. Partly perhaps because the game does not have a solid foundation with a large, loyal and popular player base like Pokemon Go.​

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