The best gun in Warzone is about to be cut down

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Surely gamers Warzone have been experiencing the dominant meta of . lately DMR 14 – the battle royale game is completely under the control of this weapon, players only need up to two shots to destroy most opponents. Developers Raven Software has noticed player complaints and said they will be nerfing DMR 14 and some other weapons in an upcoming balance update.

Raven tweeted: “Don’t worry! We already know and a balance update is coming soon that will address concerns about DMR 14, Type 63, Mac 10 and dual pistols”. Balance adjustment The above will help Warzone players escape having to use meta guns and be able to freely try other weapons.


Many complaints about the DMR have surfaced on the Warzone subreddit recently, with videos showing the gun’s super destructive power. Although the subreddit has now switched to highlighting counter DMR tutorials, the comments section is still filled with complaints about the game’s imbalance caused by certain weapons.

While Raven hasn’t announced the exact nerf levels for DMR 14 or other balance adjustments, players are happy to know that weapons like the Mac 10, Type 63 assault rifle, and dual pistols will all be available. nerfed.


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