Just Cause: Mobile – Crazy bombardment with the PC hit Mobile

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Last week, Square Enix held an online event Square Enix Presents through live streaming on Youtube and Twitch to introduce new projects, along with side information of the games that were recently released by the company. During the event, Square released the first trailer of the title action game Expected Just Cause: Mobile will release later this year.

Just Cause: Mobile brings the explosive action of the Just Cause universe to players’ fingertips through exciting action experiences. With in-game cutscenes and fully voiced characters, players can customize their agent and join the ranks of Firebrand – a special division of the secret organization. The Agency. Just Cause: Mobile will have two game modes: singleplayer and multiplayer.


The player is tasked with stopping a group of mercenaries, known as Darkwater – A group of foreign soldiers made up of the old Black Hand military forces, is a major threat to The Agency globally. As a new Firebrand rookie, the player’s first day will begin with an attack on the base where you almost died, then receive orders to investigate the Darkwater group of soldiers and find allies from the defense. Firebrand leader – Carmen Padrón.

Throughout the game, players will encounter many famous characters from the Just Cause series, who will provide important information about the enemy and assist the player at the start of the mission. Players can team up with skilled and professional mercenaries like Annika & Teo from Just Cause 3 to locate Agency legend, Rico Rodriguez.


Battles in the game will take place in three major open-world locations around the globe. Players will track Darkwater and take them down with a huge arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets. Players can expand and upgrade their characters in the game every time they complete missions and challenges.


Just Cause: Mobile is expected to be released later this year globally. To know more hot news about the game, readers can Like and Follow Fanpage:​

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