The best help for the Avengers in the battle with the evil Thanos (P.1)

From here to day Avengers 3: Infinity War Released in less than 3 months. Next May, Thanos will lead his army of darkness to invade the earth, trying to collect the Infinity Stones attached to a gauntlet that will give him the power to rule the universe. And the alliance of avengers also took that opportunity, able to gather together after the “Civil War” (Civil War) once again and put all their strength into a great war with the villain Thanos.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Everyone knows that Thanos is considered one of the strongest villains in the universe, not only that, but he also possesses a brutal nature. Confronting such a formidable enemy is a big challenge for the Avengers team. But like Tony said, you have an army, we have the Hulk. Let’s see what “weapons” the Avengers have to help them fight against the mighty forces of the most dangerous villain in the universe.

10. Ant-man

In the battle with Thanos, Ant Man is absolutely the most useful power. Ant Man’s ability to reduce body size can help the “revenge alliance” do intelligence, destroy the opponent’s weapons. On the battlefield, he can make his body many times larger, so just one person can make Thanos’ army crazy. Not only that, Scott Lang was also an electronics expert, so he will also help Avengers Team create many combat aids.


9. Wakanda’s outstanding science and technology

Confronting the advanced science and technology of aliens, the Avengers alliance also has the support of transcendent science and technology from the country of Wakanda. As the hometown of the hero Black Panther, Wakanda not only has the most expensive and hardest metal in the world – Vibranium, but in the trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie we have also seen that this country also possesses many other era-leading high-tech devices as well. Just having the majority of Avengers weapons made from Vibranium is enough to “accept” all of Thanos’ army.


8. Guardians of the Galaxy

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Although Thanos is one of the most evil villains in the universe, but Star Lord is a hybrid between an earthling and an alien Spartan, so he has extremely strong abilities, pushed to the level of Peak Human. Furthermore, the other members of Guardians of the Galaxy are all possessors of “not-so-normal” powers and abilities. Even if they cannot defeat Thanos, their help is enough to repel a large number of his army.


7. Iron Man Army

If it is considered that “number” is one of the weaknesses of the Avengers alliance, the Iron Man army led by Iron Man – Tony Stark is the necessary compensation for this weakness, helping to close the gap. force difference between the two sides. Like in Iron Man 3, Tony has an Iron Man army consisting of dozens of armor sets that can be compared with a small army, the fighting power is hard to underestimate. Not only that, Iron Man also has Hulkbuster armor, facing Thanos’ Black Order is not too difficult.


6. Scarlet Witch

On the battlefield, Scarlet Witch is capable of wounding a large force thanks to her ability to release magical lightning bolts, burning everything. Not only that, she also has the ability to create a powerful army to fight enemies and many other superpowers. Moreover, Scarlet Witch has always tried to suppress her own ability. But when it comes to Avengers 3, if she can unleash her full potential in the great battle, it will be one of the most key strengths for the Avengers alliance to win.


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