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Managing a registered Youtube channel is essential if you want to make money on it. When managed, it becomes more efficient to deal with and fix the Subscribe situation, to be able to access your page quickly, even to help make everything messy to become “in line” in the right direction. destination. If you just subscribed to the channel, then see the following ways to manage Youtube channels on phones and computers.

YouTube allows you to subscribe to your favorite channels by topics to update the latest videos of that channel. But when you subscribe to too many channels, you will encounter the situation that you cannot remember all the channels and do not update all new videos. Therefore, managing subscribed youtube channels by group of channels will help you easily manage and update the latest information.

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How to effectively manage a registered Youtube channel

Instructions on how to manage a registered youtube channel

Step 1: First of all, visit the website HERE . Next, go to your personal page and select “Manage Subscriptions” to split subscribed channels into groups and manage youtube channels more effectively

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Step 2: Next to manage channels on youtube you create new channel groups by selecting “Create new collection” .

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Step 3: And give your favorite channel group a new name. You can group channels into separate segments such as entertainment, movies, music,… by entering a new group name in the field. “Name your collection”

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Step 4: After entering a new name for your group. You will add new ways by clicking on the new channel icon, right-clicking and selecting Add. Select Save to save

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Step 5: Now you can check the registered channels in the section “Subscriptions”. Your favorite channels will be grouped under a new name you just created. Managing subscribed youtube channels by grouping by specific categories like this will make it more convenient for you.

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This article has guided you to manage a registered youtube channel with quite detailed steps. The grouping of subscribed youtube channels will help you manage the watched channels more effectively, as well as update the latest videos of the subscribed youtube channel. The way to manage Youtube on the phone also has the same operation. Hope you are succesful. You can refer to the article for more information manage the list of watched videos on youtube is quite good and useful.

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