5 factors that make a master in Nine Yin Chan Kinh

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It can be affirmed, when starting to play a certain online game, the first thing we care about is the question “How can the character be stronger?”. With The Nine Yin Chan Kinhthis is really a difficult question if you are just approaching the game for the first time.

How to become the ultimate CACK player?

According to the writer’s experience, there are currently all five factors that combine throughout to create a strong character in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, which are: martial arts, internal exercises, meridians, soldiers, equipment. The importance of each of these factors depends quite a bit on the time axis of the game.

Army – Identify the weapon you want to play as soon as possible

Binh Luc, known as the weapon proficiency point, plays a very important role in creating damage for the martial art of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh. Because of the scarcity in all stages, especially the beginner time, this element needs to be invested by the player in the beginning.


With a variety of martial arts of 21 sects, and more than 10 different types of weapons, it requires newcomers to have a consistent investment, plow the army for one or two weapons during the game.

Martial Arts – quickly determine attributes and damage types

After determining the weapon you want to play, you need to consider the attribute and type of damage you want to pursue during the journey of the Nine Yin world. Up to the present time, martial arts in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh have attributes of Yin, Nhu, Tai Chi, Yang, and Cuong. Martial arts damage is divided into 2 main types: Outer Gong and Inner Gong.

Attributes of martial arts

Because at a later stage, players can easily change their martial arts attributes as they want, so determining the damage type of martial arts is the point that every beginner needs to pay more attention to, avoiding spending a lot of time. Investment time and effort rambling both internal and external.

Attributes and damage types of martial arts

Besides, corresponding to the type of damage is Outer Vong or Inner Gong (including Yin, Nhu, Yang, Cuong), players will find ways to increase Outer Room, Inner Room to increase defense points.

Meridians – open as much as possible
To increase damage for martial arts, as well as increase attribute points and defense points for characters, you need to determine the meridian system that you pursue.


When cultivating the sect’s inner gong to a certain level, the character will open a meridian that has its own attribute stats related to Inner/External damage, Inner/Outside room. The difference is, you can invest time in opening the pulse of another sect by cultivating that sect’s inner gong. At the beginner stage, opening as many circuits that match the type of martial damage you’re after will give you a huge advantage.

Equipment – The higher the item, the stronger

Similar to the meridians, equipment in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh also contributes to increased damage to martial arts. Usually, the damage of a move in the martial arts kit will include the base damage and the damage added from the character’s stats such as hand strength, internal energy, body magic, army.

Skill damage comes from character attribute stats

In particular, the damage of the army is always present, the effect is strong or weak depending on the player’s concentration. The contribution of the remaining attributes depends greatly on the character’s equipment. The higher the quality (ranked by Iron, Bronze, Silver, Metal, Jade), the greater the added attribute index.

Equipment and treasures increase martial arts damage

For example, the move Bich Tieu Thanh Ly Song Minh Phung of Uyen Uong Song Dao has the damage type of External attack, taking additional damage from hand strength and internal energy. Then, equipment that has a high hand, internal and quality index will increase the damage of this move a lot.

Inner Gong – It’s good to have the same attributes as martial arts

An additional point, increasing damage to your martial arts, is the synchronization, attribute correlation between martial arts and internal work.

Corresponding to the martial attribute, an internal gong will have two attributes, Yin – Soft or Yang – Cuong, or only a single Tai Chi attribute.

Attribute homogeneity can increase skill damage by up to 20%

Accordingly, if the martial arts set you choose has the same attributes as the internal gong, such as the Yin attribute of San San Luc Anh with the Yin – Nhu attribute of Minh Ngoc Cong, the fury of the Tieu Dao Thoi Phap martial arts set will be added. 20% more damage.

Tai Chi attributes are favored quite a lot

In the case that internal gong and martial arts have opposite attributes, for example, internal gong Yin – Nhu and martial arts of Yang attribute, and vice versa, the moves in the martial set will not have additional effects. As for the Tai Chi attribute, if you have this attribute in either martial arts or internal gong, almost all martial arts will increase damage by 16-20%.


In addition to the attribute effect, the internal attack also increases the damage of martial arts by many times, through the accompanying character attribute points such as hand strength, internal energy, body magic, … These are the stats that contribute to the increase. damage points for martial arts sets


In short, with an open world and hardcore gameplay like Nine Yin Chan Kinh, you have a lot of ways to experience. With the above article, the writer only briefly presented 5 important factors in the character development orientation when still a beginner.

Once you’ve established your basic direction, you can find out more on your own through the game’s forum, or ask to join a clan in the game group (especially recommended) for help. timely.

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